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You must read Daley's secret budget

If you only read one story about Mayor Richard M. Daley this year, this one is a must. It describes how Daley and his money men have maintained an off-the-books secret Finding out what’s happening inside the Kremlin was a lot easier than discovering the latest plots being hatched in Daley’s City Hal city budget,... Read more »

Is health care overhaul constitutional?

The Constitution: Does it matter anymore? Apparently not. Now, there’s a question that seems to have escaped debate. It is so much taken for granted that it is that when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked about her plan’s constitutionality, her reply was essentially, “Are you serious?” Well, some folks may not take the Constitutional... Read more »

Banish Halloween?

It’s that time again, as traditionalists are called upon to fight the ridiculous demands of political correctness. This time, it’s Halloween that political correctors are going after, demanding that the name be changed to “Autumn Festival,” “Fall Festival,” or some such nonsense. Both ends of the political spectrum oddly find themselves on the same side... Read more »

Outrageous public pensions

What would you think about the government cutting the paychecks of executives running those bailed-out banks to about, or even less than, what teachers earn? Make that what retired teachers receive in pensions. Most Americans probably would say, “Wow, what a great idea. Teachers deserve a lot more money. And those bozo executives should be... Read more »

What if Bush had done that?

Former President George W. Bush Monday at a speaking engagement This is the best inventory of the media’s hypocrisy yet. Here is a list of things that President Barack Obama has, or hasn’t done, that the press would have gone nuts over if former President George W. Bush had done the same things. But because... Read more »

Trib, Sun-Times circulation drop

With this kind of serious and continuing plunge in circulation, isn’t it time that newspapers stop giving away their product for free? Yes, I know, this isn’t what ChicagoNow is about, and it wouldn’t be good news for us bloggers who depend mightily on newspaper resources to carry on our jabbering. But maybe newspapers should... Read more »

Voters trust GOP more than Democrats

In a startling comeback–but one that you won’t hear much about on the network news–Republicans now have the trust of more voters on key issues. Here is the Rasmussen Report: Who do you trust now? For the first time in recent years, voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on all 10 key electoral issues regularly... Read more »

Daley's Doomsday Budget

Mayor Richard M. Daley’s plans to pay for city services by dealing away city assets would be silly if it weren’t so ruinous. Just how long can Daley hawk the city’s assets to pay for police, fire, garbage collection and other city services before he runs out? And what happens then? Don’t bother asking Daley;... Read more »

Documentaries target Michael Moore

Michael Moore on the other side of the camera. A Wall Street story reports that a cottage industry of filmmakers targets the combative director. The Journal asks: “He can dish it out, but can he take it?” Apparently not, as he is, umh, upset that a high school buddy takes on Moore himself in the... Read more »

Obama slams the door on "transparency,"

Shades of the “Chicago Way” With all the promises that his administration would be the most transparent Carol Browner, the energy and environment czar, will not tell Congress about the negotiations she conducted with the automobile industry that led to significant emission standards changes. ever, Obama’s czars will not testify before Congress about their activities... Read more »
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