Ricky Hendon's bacon

If honesty were the only qualification for public office, Ricky Hendon would deserve to be elected king of the universe. Hendon was brutally honest when he went before Cook County


Ricky Hendon

Democratic slatemakers seeking their endorsement for lieutenant governor. He flatly stated that his job would be to bring home the bacon, or as he said:

"I make the papers. Recently I brought $40 million back to the West
Side of the city of Chicago with the help of some of the people in this
room. That's my job," Hendon told the committeemen, including city
aldermen and fellow state lawmakers

"The job is to legislate and appropriate and if I'm elected your
lieutenant governor, I'll bring back that kind of money to every
committeeman in Cook County that I can help," Hendon said. "Because,
that's what we're supposed to do.

"Your constituents pay the taxes, don't they? They pay the taxes.
Should we just sit there and let other people get all the money?" he

In this, Hendon spoke what everyone else in the room probably was thinking, but they lacked the honest to say it. In this, also give Hendon and A+ for audacity.

Give him an F, however, for corrupting the political process in a way that the verbose Hendon never really understood. To him, I suppose, the rest of us are too naive to understand that this is also the way it should be.H

Here's hoping that Hendon gets the endorsement, gets the party's nomination at the next primary and is on the ticket, so that the rest of us naive folk can give him a dose of reality by brining down the entire stinking Democratic ticket, twice headed by the disgraced Rod Blagojevich.


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  • Pig Hendon just grabbing tax money and wasting it, thats the problem with Illinois Politicians.

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