Poll: Congress too liberal

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Too liberal for Americans?

Gee, what happened to that liberal groundswell that was sweeping the nation? Poof, the Obama/Emanuel/Axelrod/Pelosi/Reid/Durbin axis managed to diddle it away. Makes you wonder what the public really thought about the liberal lion, the late Sen. Edward Kennedy.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 51 percent of  voters nationwide believe that Congress is
too liberal while 22 percent say it is too conservative. Poll results are here.


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  • I have no cause whatsoever to "wonder what the public really thought about the liberal lion, the late Sen. Edward Kennedy", Mr. Byrne. The public outpouring of love for Teddy Kennedy and his family has been unequivocal and overwhelming...for most warm blooded Americans, at least.

    I am beginning to wonder about some of us, that is if you are trying to represent a hidden reserve of animus untempered by the decorum most people observe during a respectful period of mourning.

  • Mr Sheehan seems a bit more generous of spirit than Mr Byrne...but then isn't that what they often say about conservatives? They are genetically mean-spirited. Now let me add something to the debate here. Over and above any animus for the Kennedys, there is this animus (ignorance actually) for the label liberal. Give the people a new word and they think they have a new fact! Not 1 in 20 can historically explain, defend or reject it. Words such as liberal and conservative and socialist are like equally meaningless labels such as good and bad. What's good to one is bad to another. So we really should remember the old debater's rule: First, define your terms. Only THEN shoot off your arguments....

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