Oprah's ego run amok

The announcement that Oprah's television season debut show will shut down N. Michigan


Avenue for a couple of days, and Mayor Richard M. Daley's reaction that he  thinks it's wunnerful is another sign of just how goofy this city can get. (The story is here.)

As if North Michigan Avenue, one of the nation's premier shopping districts needs Oprah's endorsement, Daley is hailing it as a great PR coup. The people who will be inconvenienced by this self-promotion can go shag themselves.

What, pray tell, is Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park for? Last year, it was good enough for one of her other show tapings.  It's one of the greatest venues in Chicago which, as its

Jay Pritzker Pavillion Millennium Park Chicago 7-04.jpg

Millennium Park: A better venue

publicity states, is "one of the most technologically advanced outdoor concert venues in the world, with digital innovations and enhanced sound, designed to create an acoustical environment that provides an unforgettable listening experience."

Can't argue with that.

So with this gem available, why should we close down one of the busiest thoroughfares in Chicago? The pavilion has 4,000 seats and room for 7,000 more people on the lawn. Grant Park itself can accommodate even more.I seem to recall that almost a million people crowded in there years ago for an appearance of Pope John Paul II. Equal numbers go there for the Fourth of July, Venetian Night and Taste of Chicago.

Apparently that's not big enough for Oprah's ego.


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  • lmao AT Richard daley hes doing a bad decision Millennium Park is the place. oprah. gets what she wants tho. smh

  • I hope the rain pours down on oprah and lightning strikes her booty...

  • Maybe someone will organize a protest with people carrying signs depicting the special treatment.

  • Daley is the 'adult' here. he should have said no, or better yet, shuffle her off to his overbudgeted Park. but there is no regard for the lower middle class, be it Oprah's lack of concern in inconveniencing us or Daley's gambling with our hard earned money for his Olympic bid.

  • What an awesome idea! Dennis, et. al., you people are so short sighted! This will be a great way to showcase the city!

  • I'm thinking that based on these comments, we have some double standards here. It's okay for the Pope to tie up traffic in and around Millennium Park for mass but it's not okay for Oprah to shut down Michigan Ave. to tape a TV show...? Without stating the obvious, I think both events bring huge exposure to one of the best cities in the country. When you live in a city that has the brand equity of a Chicago, shutting down a major thoroughfare to tape a nationally syndicated television show is part of keeping the brand relevant. Move into the 21st Century people!

  • In reply to cytaylor:

    Come on, that's a terrible comparison. Oprah is way bigger than the Pope.

  • In reply to cytaylor:

    Why can't she do this at Woodfield Mall? It would be easier for her fans to get there.

  • In reply to cytaylor:

    Oprah is at least going to pay the city back for any expenses. That is more than Daley and the Olympic thing will ever do.

  • In reply to ufoshadow:

    what do you think the tab will be?

  • In reply to ufoshadow:

    Go Oprah!
    The close down time square in NYC all the time. Chicago this will be huge for us. And we wonder why we don't get major events here.
    Don't worry, Be HAPPY!

  • In reply to ufoshadow:

    It is incredible to me that Ms. Winfrey, whom, in the past, has emphasized the importance of education, particularly to low-income and under-served populations, has chosen to have this event on the FIRST DAY of school for the Chicago Public Schools! The Chicago Public Schools website states: "CPS wants to remind parents, guardians and students that the first day of school is Sept. 8, and on that day, every child needs to be in school." Attendance on the first day of school is CRITICAL as much funding is based on the headcount for that day.

    The event is open to ALL ages and MINORS SHOULD [note NOT MUST] be accompanied by an adult. The gates open at noon leading to a probability that many Chicago Public School students and their parents will not attend school that day.

    Ms. Winfrey is essentially creating an "attractive nuisance". It is also amazing that no one has pointed this out to her nor apparently, to the mayor of Chicago!

  • In reply to ufoshadow:

    I have to agree with Dennis on this. Why not use Millennium park for this. Why tape a show in the streets when you such a beautiful park? Chicago has spent so much money on Millennium park why not show it off to all. Is she trying to be like the network morning shows that shut down streets? Is this going to be a new fad for these gossip shows?

  • In reply to ufoshadow:

    As much as I dislike OKRA and believe its asinine to shut down a MAJOR thorough fare during business hours, OKRA has a legion of devoted lemmings will do whatever she says and does. They buy her books, buy her magazine, go on her diets, watch her friend's tv shows, etc.

    In the midst of the worst economic recession in 70 years, OKRA is showcasing Michigan Avenue turning it into the must do venue for millions of her mindless lemmings who will do whatever she tells them to do. For 2 or 3 days of inconvenience she will single handedly stimulate the economy and (with the aid of the moronic 10.75% "Stroger" tax) bring Cook County out of deficit spending.

    Next year OKRA should hold her show in Comiskey Park!!

  • In reply to ufoshadow:

    One existential thought...! As the number of responses here suggest, the citizenry has an enormous energy for trivia (aka, Oprah, Cutler,
    Daley)... would that we would have the same for matters of more consequence...and as the healthcare debate illustrates,not only energy but at least a modicum of enlightenment as well.

  • In reply to cytaylor:

    Unless you have some kind of handicap that prevents you from easily accessing the variety of trains and busses in this city, you're a moron to be drving down there anyway. If people would get a clue and learn to use public transportation, this would be a big deal at all.

    Even if you have a good reason to drive, if it was in Millenium park or any other venue it would still cause traffic. If you don't like traffic but enjoy driving you're in the wrong city. Move downstate, move to Iowa, just get out of this area. Every festival, concert, etc will mess with the traffic. Should we close down the Taste because it messes with the traffic? Oh wait, maybe you like the Taste. In that case I'm sure you'll find some non-sensical reason for why that's a good idea but Oprah's isn't. I'm not even really a fan of Oprah, I'm just sick and tired of the ton of whiners we have living in this city that use every venue possible to complain about the dumbest things. If the people in this country would put the same amount of effort into ANYTHING else as they put into whining and complaining about petty garbage, we wouldn't be in the state we're in.

  • In reply to cybermonkey:

    typo: "wouldn't" be a big deal

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