Oprah pays party tab. Guess how much


A. $389,990
B. $3,012
C. $54,832
D. $1,089,234

The city invoiced her for city services and she paid the next day, the Sun-Times reports.
How much? The correct answer is "C. 54,832."

Really? If that seems a little low, here is how the bill was broken down, according to the paper

The Office of Emergency Management and Communications ran up the biggest tab -- $28,277 -- for traffic control aides Sept. 7-9. Other bills include: $12,014 from the Police Department, mostly to
pay off-duty officers; $7,075 from the Fire Department for "safety
officers for buildings on Michigan"; $6,163 from the Bureau of
Electricity to "remove traffic signals" and $1,306 from the Streets and
Sanitation Department to put up barricades.

Of course, that doesn't include various indirect costs, such as rerouting CTA buses and time lost for people caught in the detours.


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  • $54 grand. Oh yeah, that covers all the costs. No doubt!

    Is anyone, seriously, anyone surprised that our city has projected $500 million dollar budget deficit for 2010?

    If Oprah wanted to rent my house (a crappy 3 bedroom in Irving Park) to tape her show, I would charge her way more than $54,000.

  • Maybe we should see how much Ms. Winfrey donated to Daley's campaign fund.

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