NY Times' tin ear


Conservatives have long accused the New York Times of biased reporting, favoring liberals over conservatives. The complaint reached a crescendo recently when the Times ignored stories about ACORN, the ultra-liberal activist group that supported Obama and was variously accused of voter fraud. Among the stories ignored were revelations about its staff willing to work with two people posing as a pimp and prostitute to secure housing and a Senate vote to defund ACORN.

Now the New York Times' public editor agrees, finding evidence that the Times' was "slow off the mark." A reporter who finally did a story admitted he wrote it primarily a "political story," instead of focusing on the substance. (That's an easy out for lazy reporters who don't feel compelled to go beyond the "he said, she said" aspects of the story.)

As a long-time Chicago journalist, I think the behavior and excuses now being offered by the Times are shabby.


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  • If I remember correctly, the Tribune didn't cover the story until the Senate vote. It earlier said it was a TV story, although there was something on an inside page.


    I also see that that entry is no longer in the Tribune's search engine, although it is on Google.

    So, I suppose more than the NYT needs to explain why it was so late onto the story.

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