Michael Moore: Capitalism, bah!

Finally, Michael Moore tells us what's really on his mind: Dump capitalism. Not that we should be surprised; his movies are laden with nasty to dishonest attacks on the system and the


industry that allows Moore to attack it.

But in his latest film, Capitalism: A love story, Moore lays it on the line: "Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil. You have to eliminate it and replace it
with something that is good for all people and that something is

I'll be anxious to see what Moore's alternative is. Fascism, nazism, communism, socialism all have been tried and failed. Capitalism is the logical extension of democracy, a system based on individual rights, responsibilities, risks, and opportunities.

The film opened Sunday at the Venice Film Festival to the "tumultuous applause" of the artsy-fartsy crowd. No surprise there either. Naturally, the crowd loves Moore when he says he's for nothing less than the complete overthrow of capitalism. Moore says in the movie, "I refuse to live in a country like this -- and I'm not leaving." I guess I know what he means, but in the absence of capitalism I can't help wonder how he would have had the opportunities that he was so successfully maniuplated to his personal advantage.


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  • This fat bastard should move to a communist country. Cuba would be a good place for him. The food rationing alone would make him beg to come back to the US!He must think we are idiots...did he not use "capital" to make his movie????????

  • So I am assuming this film will be free to view right? A film that attacks capitalism and call it evil being shown in *gasp* corporate run theaters would be hypocritical. What is going to do with all the profits?

  • In reply to jules33:

    Maybe he figures he is Leni Riefenstahl and the state will support his propaganda.

    Also, it appears that he got his fame from attacking General Motors, which, the last I heard, was a subsidiary of the federal government. No capitalism there.

  • In reply to jules33:

    While waiting for Michael Moore's movie "Capitalism, A Love Story" to come out, I found a movie about stock market corruption called "Stock Shock."

    It exposes all sorts of stock market corruption. "Stock Shock" follows several Sirius XM investors through their experience of watching their stock go from almost ten dollars a share---down to 5 cents/share. "Stock Shock" suggests this might be due to "naked short selling" and other market manipulation by high rollers on Wall Street. I don't know if I'm a believer, but at least it gives a good review of how our stock markets are engineered. Amazon.com has it and stockshockmovie.com

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  • why and how does this "pt barnum" of the left get so much press? does every note, observation, comment have to run like an old medicine show? the poor man should read uncle milty friedman; "capitalism and freedom" comes to mind. as overrought as he was i miss bill buckley. he has pushed guys like noam chomsky out. oh vey!

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