Congress almost as loathsome as Todd Stroger

If you are amazed by Cook County Board President Todd Stroger's 10 percent public approval rating, get a load of what the public thinks of Congress.


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  • Dennis, your stats are a grim reminder of how, sadly, things in a democracy often work. Leaders mis-lead and citizen mis-read. Actually, the numbers are not so much news as they are history. People started complaining about their Congress (and their President) starting Washington's first year in office. C'est la guerre! The only folks the people doin't blame is themselves -- where much of the trouble begins, from their ignorance and passion r

  • In reply to jackspatafora:

    Except, of course, that the people are given little choice. Democrats gerrymander so that their seats are untouchable, and in the few remaining ones, say that carpetbaggers, like Dan Seals and Tammy Duckworth, can run. That doesn't just happen in Illinois--another example is the dumbbell shaped district of Louise Slaughter in upstate New York, where they keep combining districts and the other incumbent consistently decides to retire rather than challenge her.

    Of course, the worst example may be the county. The Tribune decried that no one was challenging Berrios for Assessor, until who rises to do it than the remaining Shaw, who then tells Berrios to get out of the race. Some democracy among the Democrats. So jackspatafora, who are you going to vote for among those two?

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