Astroturfing health care; here's how it's done

Oops, wait. These aren't Rush Limbaugh folks. These are from the other side, the ones who keep whining about the crowds at the health care town hall meetings being ginned up by the "wing-nuts." Here an organizer explains how to block opposing views.

Here's another one, with an organizer explaining how to sneak signs into the meeting:

These videos were recorded yesterday outside Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) town hall meeting on health care in Skokie.


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  • Mr. Byrne is 180 degrees turned around in his use of the term 'Astroturfing'.

    Health Care for America is a tax schedule 501(c)(4) not-for-profit issue advocacy organization. It is the epitome of a "grassroots" political campaign.

    "Astroturfing", or 'fake grassroots', is what is being done by schedule 527 political action committees (PAC's) and other industry lobbying groups, such as FreedomWorks (for profit 527) and Bonner & Assoc. (lobbyists) in their effort to disrupt and sidetrack town hall meetings.

    What we see here is legitimate organizing and coaching on the part of a legitimate focus group. To infer that anything unsavory or disruptive is being staged in these videos is dishonest.

  • John,

    you make it sound as though only right wing 527 are in cahoots to disrupt town hall meetings.

    How would you categorize the SEIU?

    What's their tax schedule?

  • The last I checked, Mr. 60, SEIU is a labor union. Their tax status is reported to the Office of Labor-Management Standards, Employment Standards Administration, U.S. Department of Labor. You can find it under Form LM-2 of it's Labor Organization Annual Report. Look it up yourself.

  • In reply to dogstar7:

    Also, I made no mention of any partisan affiliations in my original comment. If '60' is making this a 'leftist-rightwing' thing, that's all his doing. If a culture war is to be fought, those who stand in the way of health care reform will be the political losers, whichever wing they occupy.

  • In reply to dogstar7:

    Un huh. You made no specific mention of partisan affiliations; but you post Freedom Works as your first example.

    And then you mention a war, and winners/losers, while knowing full well which wing those participants occupy.

    That type of argument is as boring today as it was 40 years ago.


  • In reply to dogstar7:

    Tea Bagger BOSS Jenny Beth Martin, 912er PAID REPUBLICAN ACTIVIST

    From her personal website "Politics is my passion. I have been actively involved in the Republican Party on the county, district, and state levels. I have served as a volunteer on many campaigns. Currently, I am one of the National Coordinators for Tea Party Patriots and one of the Co-Coordinators for the Atlanta Tea Party. In 2008, I began getting paid for my political consulting services for the first time. From 1992 until July, 2007, I volunteered my time and services. ..."

    There is evidence that Koch Industries moguls, big funders for all things Tea Party, are doing some of that paying. FreedomWorks is involved, according to an internet dialog on the Tea Party Patriots it was revealed that FreedomWorks owns the logo. The trademark for Tea Party Patriots is registered to Martin, and TEA PARTY PATRIOTS, INC. is incorporated at Martin's home.

    WHOIS Nationwide Tea Party Coalition
    "The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition has started a "Hall Pass on That" campaign which encourages parents to contact schools and request that their children be excused from watching the speech..."

    Who is Nationwide Tea Party Coalition to ask anything from anybody? Identify yourselves.

    Dana Loesch is the SELF-APPOINTED National Spokesperson -- there is no record of an actual corporation, company or organization forming and hiring, appointing, or winning through elections, elevating Ms Loesch up to her exalted status.,2933,537800,00.html We're Not Paid 'GOP Hacks'
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    DANA LOESCH, RADIO HOST 97.1 FM TALK: I want to know who this "they" is. Who is this they? Republicans? Because I'm not a Republican and not every single person associated with the tea party movement is a Republican

    Yes Dana (paid Fox New talk show blabbermouth), YOU ARE PAID REPUBLICAN HACKS.
    The Missouri chapter of Americans for Prosperity, which is headed by a former Deputy Speaker of the Missouri State House of Representatives, Republican politician Carl Bearden, organized an anti-health-reform protest in front of the St. Louis office of Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill on July 17th. AFP organizers invited local conservative blogger Jim Hoft, of the Gateway Pundit website, to advertise and cover the event, and asked local conservative blogger, Tea Party organizer, and a local radio talk show host, Dana Loesch, who works for a Fox News affiliate station, to promote it. [1] [2] ... AFP, several local conservative bloggers and local radio talk show host Dana Loesch promoted the meeting on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to attract a crowd. ... After the meeting, Dana Loesch, the conservative talk show radio host blogger who had promoted and attended the town hall meeting, appeared on the Fox News Channel television show, On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, where she was referred to as a "radio host" and Tea Party organizer; Dana's affiliation with a Fox News affiliate station was not revealed...

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