A PKD story

My columns (here and here) on polycstic kidney disease brought this response from Rosemary Morrison, which she agreed to let me run:

Both Polycystic kidney and liver diseases are starting to  get more attention as more people are
getting  these two diseases.  I have polycystic liver disease for
approximately 15  years now or I
should say that's when it started showing up.  I've had numerous aspirations and several liver resections.

Last march I went for an evaluation for transplant but was
told by three doctors at Northwestern that I would be on the table for 14 plus
hours and they know I wouldn't make it so with that information I refused to
even think of getting on the table. 
Since then I've had numerous MRIs of the liver and brain.  The liver has moved to left side of my
body attaching itself to a hernia and pressing on my lungs and diaphragm which
is causing shortness of breath. I have already gained 40 lbs from this disease
and I'm told I'll continue to get bigger and bigger. This is just like being
pregnant.   I would love for
somebody to come up with some solution to ease the pain and  stop the growing.


Remember. the Chicago Walk for PKD is planned for tomorrow (Sunday,
Sept. 27)
at Busse Woods Forest Preserve, Grove 6 in Elk Grove Village, Ill.
Registration begins at 9 a.m. with the Walk kicking off at 10 a.m. You can get more information by visiting http://www.pkdcure.org//tabid/1251/Default.aspx.


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