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If Chicago loses the Olympics

So, what happens if Chicago doesn’t get the Olympics? The agony of defeat We all know what will happen if Chicago is awarded the 2016 Olympics in Copenhagen Friday. Consultants will be hired, engineering studies performed, contracts let, people clouted into preferred jobs, earth moved, concrete poured, insiders rewarded, profits harvested — in other words,... Read more »

Sun-Times may have 2nd bidder, union boss says

Crain’s Chicago Business is reporting that another bidder might be interesting in buying the Sun-Times: Move over, James Tyree: At least one other investor is considering bidding for Sun-Times Media Group Inc. Thomas J. Thibeault, executive director for the Chicago Newspaper Guild, the union that represents journalists in the Chicago Sun-Times newsroom, declined to identify... Read more »

Ten Great Events in New Media's Rise

This commentary, which details the ten events that were key to the new media’s growth, is guaranteed to interest fellow bloggers. And, likely to promote some disagreement. Do you have your own additions or deletions from the list?

Sox' Guillen nails the slackers

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen put it to the players who don’t appear to want to give the fans their best effort. Ozzie Guillen rips them again after he launched an earlier public criticism of players who don’t seem embarrassed by a [bleeping] bad game. The only thing missing from this excellent declamation was the... Read more »

Deadly Chicago beating on tape

Warning: this video contains violence. Someone recorded the beating that has stunned much of Chicago and Fox News has aired it. Fellow ChicagoNow poster Garrard McClendon called it savagery and I couldn’t agree more.

Bloated Illinois public pensions

How is it that the top 100 pensions in the state are making more money in a year than most of us can only dream about when we’re working a regular full-time job? If the discussion about pension reform in Illinois is boring and abstract, maybe you should look at this and see just how... Read more »

NY Times' tin ear

Conservatives have long accused the New York Times of biased reporting, favoring liberals over conservatives. The complaint reached a crescendo recently when the Times ignored stories about ACORN, the ultra-liberal activist group that supported Obama and was variously accused of voter fraud. Among the stories ignored were revelations about its staff willing to work with... Read more »

A PKD story

My columns (here and here) on polycstic kidney disease brought this response from Rosemary Morrison, which she agreed to let me run: Both Polycystic kidney and liver diseases are starting to  get more attention as more people are getting  these two diseases.  I have polycystic liver disease for approximately 15  years now or I should... Read more »

Racial reality in Chicago schools

A federal judge today ended an order for Chicago to racially integrate its public schools, a 29-year-old mandate, that has had a profound effect on the composition and operation of the city’s education system. The Tribune’s on-line Breaking News reported that “Judge Charles Korkoras vacated the so-called desegregation consent decree late Thursday, stating in an... Read more »

Congress almost as loathsome as Todd Stroger

If you are amazed by Cook County Board President Todd Stroger’s 10 percent public approval rating, get a load of what the public thinks of Congress.
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