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$40 million could buy a lot of health care

But no, it’s going to a new Chicago State West Side campus that the school didn’t request and apparently doesn’t need, but is going to get anyway because Gov. Pat Quinn and the Legislature approved it. The school’s president didn’t even know about the money until reading about it in the newspaper. Of all the... Read more »

Mr. Obama's excellent holiday

Obama’s health care dream, beached on Martha’s Vineyard Hear that? The sweet sound of silence. For a week, we’ve heard practically nothing from President Barack Obama. Well, almost nothing. A few good words for the departed Sen. Ted Kennedy, a few comments to the press about the economy. But a week without daily appearances at... Read more »

Is Teddy forgotten already?

I find it interesting that the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy has drawn so little interest among ChicagoNow readers. At this moment, it is not listed among the “hot topics” nor in the “open for discussion” section. If this is an accurate measure of public interest, does this mean that the media have vastly overdone... Read more »

Will Daley hang it up?

Chicago’s next mayor? Here is a fascinating column by veteran political reporter Greg Hinz speculating that Daley might decide to retire if he doesn’t nail down the 2016 Olympics. If he does, who would fill his shoes? Greg has an intriguing list of possibles. Heading the list is (gulp) Rahm Emanuel.

City's inspector general quits to run for U.S. senate seat as a Democrat

Now we’re talking. Chicago’s Inspector General David Hoffman, who has been a giant pain in Mayor Daley’s ass, has resigned to enter the Democratic primary. Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman Fran Spielman, the Chicago Sun-Times superb Silly Hall reporter and columnist suggest that this could be a plus for Daley, by getting Hoffman, who has... Read more »

Ted Kennedy, a Shakespearean aspect

The brothers Kennedy: Robert, Edward and John When I was a young man, Edward M. Kennedy had a lock on becoming president of the United States. He was the sole survivor of four brothers who had been groomed for the high office; all three of his older brothers had died violently and at an early... Read more »

One reason to eliminate the death penalty

“Cameron Todd Willingham case: Expert says fire for which father was executed was not arson,” Chicago Tribune After you read the story, there’s not much else to say.

Obama's health reform fudge

Maybe President Barack Obama, instead of portraying opponents of his version of heath-care reform as liars, should cast out the mote in his own eye. From him and his White House has flowed a never-ending stream of misinformation, disinformation, exaggerations and just plain baloney. Take the oft-repeated claim that 50 million, 60 million or whatever... Read more »

I never liked Scotch anyway.

I like it ever less now that the Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill freed the Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi. All the more reason to stick with good old Kentucky whiskey, Jack Daniels, and its top shelf Gentleman Jack. MacAskill said a-Megrah’s release was required by Scottish compassion law, commanding, as it were, that we... Read more »

Obama's "astroturf" organizing takes on Mark Kirk's health reform Monday night

Obama, Democrats and the media have made much of conservatives organizing protests to Democracy in action at a town hall meeting on health care reform the vastly expensive and impossible health care reform pushed by the political left. As if those protesters were nothing more than sheep being led by dishonest and loud-mouthed Rush Limbaugh... Read more »
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