Obama: More promises, more BS

In his weekly radio address on Saturday, President Barack Obama promised that the new health


care law would contain a provision that limits the amount that insurance companies can charge annually for out-of-pocket costs such as co-pays and deductibles. He also has promised that the so-called public option in which the government would compete against private insurers would do so without any taxpayer subsidies.

How can this be when he says he's going to help pay for this expensive package with $500 billion in health care cuts? Is there no end to the promises, as unrealistic as they may be? By now, hasn't Obama figured out that the public isn't so stupid that it believes that by his  simply saying something will make it so?


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  • It's less Obamas direct fault and more the fault of democrats for not realizing they're in power. If republicans would stop using fear and ignorance to rally the fringes of their constituency, the democrats would be more likely to pass something similar to what Obama promised on his campaign. Its a quagmire created by the political climate in general, blaming it entirely on Obama is ignorant and misguided.

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