Mr. Obama's excellent holiday


Obama's health care dream, beached on Martha's Vineyard

Hear that? The sweet sound of silence. For a week, we've heard practically nothing from President Barack Obama. Well, almost nothing. A few good words for the departed Sen. Ted Kennedy, a few comments to the press about the economy. But a week without daily appearances at town hall meetings, press conferences, speeches and TV manifestations.

Have you heard anyone complain that we've been deprived of our daily dose of Obama?

Not that Obama didn't have a few things to think about. Like his health care fantasia that washed up on the beach of the vacation island like a blubbery whale carcass. While he golfed, public support for the health care reform he dreamed up sank. For once, the president gave the public relations a rest and in private, he contemplated with his advisers how to save face. Something tells me that he'll need more than a week. 


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  • Now it strikes me as funny how you advise the President to give the "public relations a rest" at the same time you agree elsewhere the presidency needs a "bully pulpit." I imagine the disconnect here is you don't like the sermon. And yet, isn't healthcare-is-a-right right out of the same Judaic-Christian texts you read too...?

  • In reply to jackspatafora:

    Sorry, it must be my old age, but I don't remember saying that this president needs a bully pulpit. But you're right, I don't like the sermon. Not sure what Biblical or other religious text you mean that directs us to pass this piece of legislation. But then, I guess I'm just an old meanie.

  • In reply to DennisByrne1:

    No, I didn't say you agreed THIS PRESIDENT needs a bully pulpit; but you have agreed the PRESIDENCY does

    As for the Biblical text, I refer to the new and old testament sense of social justice; which to every religious body I know includes the right to health & human services

    Now as for being too "old," that dog won't hunt. I'm even older than you! As to "meaner," I wonder...

  • In reply to jackspatafora:

    I don't think this is about Judaic-Christian text it is about our Constitution and our personal freedoms. Once the gov't controls health care they can take control of other aspects of our lives. One one thing is for sure one the gov't would be able to tell you what you can and cannot eat because if you eat port rhin pigs feet that clog your arteries then you will have to stop that because it drives up healtcare cost. That is an extreme example but the same principal could be applied to others things like apple pie. I just don't want to give away that control to the bureacrats.

  • In reply to hopseadoo:

    Well, that's a reasonable reaction. But then Americans have been reacting to "government control" ever since we dumped George III. It's inbred,but it's not always rational. While always condemning big government, 19th century Americans continued to accept & benefit from government railroad and farmland grants that opened the west to us free of charge. And in the 20th, government "interference" has blessed us with enormous funding for schools, highways, water reclamation, meat inspections, water quality controls, right down to today's battalions of firefighters in places like California. Of course there is waste and corruption, but hello! that's in private business too. To restrain excessive government is to restrain all excesses, fine; but sometimes we get pathological about it. All the while, happily accepting what the government does for us 24/7.

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