Is Teddy forgotten already?

I find it interesting that the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy has drawn so little interest among ChicagoNow readers. At this moment, it is not listed among the "hot topics" nor in the "open for discussion" section.

If this is an accurate measure of public interest, does this mean that the media have vastly overdone their ceaseless coverage of his death and of his "significance?" Does it mean that our readers just don't give a fig? Just curious


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  • I'm one of those with one foot inside the blogger/twitter world, and one foot out...with that perspective it's easy for those of my vintage years to understand that today's mediaized generation tend to use their transient gadgetry for more transient matters.... Kennedy's legislative work (like that of other civic-minded officials) isn't "hot" say like his drunkeness and indiscretions.. with "hot" commanding most blogger/twitter attention, it's pretty much a forgone conclusion he doesn't stir much digital dust...hey, lets talk about Cutler and Bradley and Daley's latest garbled syntax instead! Tempus fugit, kids.....

  • The younger Kennedy generation doesn't garner the type of PR and press that the older generation did. We don't know anything about the younger generation, except they are the sons and daughters of....and as far as not being interested in Edw. Kennedy, well, maybe we're in mourning too. Because those of us of a certain generation are seeing our "icons" dying off. Cronkite, Jackson, and now Kennedy, the list goes on and on....who knows the next WWII or Gen X celeb will die....but I'm tired of turning on the internet and there's another famous person dying.
    As for Nobody's comment that he was overrated. We don't know that. How do you know that? From what I've read and heard he was a tireless Senator who represented his constituents admirably. We're here in Chicago, so we don't know. He wasn't a Midwesterner.

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