Sarah Palin's last laugh on dolt columnists

Something called the National Society of Newspaper Columnists (NSNC) has awarded Sarah Palin its Sitting Duck Award as the "most ridiculed newsmaker in America." Astonishingly, the former Alaska governor and Republican Vice Presidential candidate outdistanced the buffoon of the decade and former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, who came in second.

Just so we get this straight, this group of hacks believes that Palin is an "an easier target" and bigger laugh than a governor who has been indicted for public corruption, has led Illinois into the deepest financial crisis in its history, has alienated virtually every Democrat in the state, has had his legislation unanimously rejected by every state representative including members of his own party and has made himself a contemptible fool by showing up on every TV shows whose goofy host will have him.

As compared to a governor who has--what?--effectively managed her state and served honorably.

But then, she is a Republican, so right there is cause to make more fun
of her than


Sarah Palin

Blagojevich, who is a Democrat. Also, she's conservative
and pro-life, which, for many mainstream columnists, makes her a joke.
Oh yes, she revealed a degree of inexperience in foreign relations,
suggesting that because Alaska was next to Russia gave her some special
insight--although that wasn't as terrifying as Barack Obama saying
during his campaign that if he had "actionable intelligence" he would
invade an ally, Pakistan.

When it comes to saying stupid things, she revealed herself to be no
more laughable than her opponent, Vice President Joe Bidden, whose
mouth continues to be a non-stop embarrassment to Obama and his
administration. But, no word from NSNC about whether his name was even
put into nomination for the Sitting Duck award.

Palin's decision to resign the governorship is as mystifying to her
supporters as it is to her ridiculers. For most pols, resignation (or
impeachment and conviction, as in Blagojevich's case) is the result of
having an illicit affair, running afoul of the law or some such
transgression. Going out at the top of your game should deserve no
derision. Nor should doing it to prepare yourself for a presidential
campaign, as Palin may be doing. She is honest enough not to pretend to
be a full-time governor (or senator)--as so many politicians (e.g.
Obama) do--while she is making campaign preparations. And if she is
running, she is at least honest enough to admit that she needs to

Of course, for dolt columnists, this is just another example of
"putting her foot in her mouth." Journalism used to be a proud
profession, but these numbnuts are incapable of understanding why they
have turned themselves into sitting ducks.



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  • Woops.

  • "Something called the National Society of Newspaper Columnists..."

    Not invited to join, eh?

  • In 25 years of column writing for the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times, I never heard of them. But if they had invited me to join (as the old saying goes), I would never join any group that would have me as a member.

  • Nice choice on the picture Dennis. It's classic. But I'm stumped. Why resign now? Won't this be adding fuel to a bonfire that's not being built yet should she run in 2012? Quitter sounds so much worse than "flip-flopper" and I can already see the commercials.

    What do you think?

  • In reply to FernandoDiaz:

    No doubt, it's quite unusual, which, for some people, is part of her charm. It certainly could backfire, and she might even conclude after taking some time off that a run would be futile. She might even decide after crash courses in foreign affairs, etc. that she's not qualified for the job. Now that would be something new and refreshing for the political class, wouldn't it? That alone could make her qualified for the job, but if she then decided to run she would be deemed to be unqualified. It's getting too complicated for me.

  • In reply to FernandoDiaz:

    There are two things about Sarah Palin that are very troubling. One is that she has surrounded herself with the wrong people - people who aren't experts and don't know how to properly put her out to the public. The other thing is that she doesn't know anything. She doesn't know where we've come from! She isn't familiar with international issues, history, constitutional law - you name it. This is why columnists make fun of her. And she wants to be president. From reading about her, I get the feeling she knows this and is trying to learn. But she has a lot of learning to do before people will take her seriously.

    If Sarah Palin had the knowledge of someone like Kay Bailey Hutchison, Hillary Clinton or even Margaret Chase Smith, she would be absolutely unstoppable.

  • In reply to FernandoDiaz:

    The National Society of Newspaper Columnists was founded in 1977 and exists to promote professionalism and camaraderie among North American newspaper columnists. Membership is open to general interest, humor, op-ed, online, or other newspaper columnists. Academics and student columnists also are eligible to join. The annual conference is NSNC's primary event. The group also publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, maintains this website and advocates for columnists and free-press issues


    Seems it has been around long enough for anybody writing a column to know about it.

  • In reply to FernandoDiaz:

    I'm not against Sarah Palin for political reasons, but it just seems as though she didn't 'have it all'. For one thing, her speeches or comments always seemed disconnected. She really does say things like "I'm going to the place that I'm going to be" But more than that, and I am not a hardcore Democrat at all, more an Independent, it sickened me the way McCann just threw her in the race as an answer to the defeat of Hilliary, a white woman. The voters were not stupid enough to miss that. That is my belief. And for a woman to speak on abstinence and have a pregnant young daughter was equally insulting. But more than that, my niece and I predicted that if Sarah didn't win as Vice-President, the so-called 'engagement' and ultimate marriage of her own daughter Bristol would be 'off'. Not only was the wedding off, they're no longer together. Sarah seems cold-blooded and empty and only would someone who has something to hide resign on a whim, as she did. but she gave me one morsel of good: I will never go to Alaska.

  • In reply to FernandoDiaz:

    Bottom line is that she is probably broke and needs to make some money.

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