Obama's "stupid" remark

Saying he doesn't know the facts, President Barack Obama, from his distant White House post  said that Cambridge, Mass. police, in arresting Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  "acted stupidly."

Now that's what I call stupid.

Maybe it's just another example of Obama's double-speak, but if you say
you don't know the


Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

facts, how can you call the action of one or
other parties stupid?

Not surprisingly, Gate's arrest in his home by police who were
responding to a call of a break-in there, has ignited the usual
national furor over "racial profiling," "police misconduct" and, from
the other side, "tiresome whinning," and "playing the race card."

The facts as told by Gates and the police are starkly different, and no more reasonable to try to sort them out from my perch 979 miles away
than it is for Obama to do the same from 437 miles away. But distance
and ignorance hasn't seemed to stop the cascade of "told-you-sos"
erupting from mouths and keyboards of the politically, racially and
ideologically blinded throughout the country.

Perhaps no other phrase has been as damaging in modern America as "here
is just another example of [fill in the blank]." As logically dangerous
as it is to proceed to a universal conclusion from isolated cases, that hasn't cooled the habit of many folks today, from commentators to race
batters on both sides, to make that kind of jump.

It's too bad that our "post-racial" president has fallen into the same trap.


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  • If Sgt denies that he is not "IT" then why did Dr. Gates get arrested...
    "disorderly conduct" sounds not that a serious (criminal) claim, to
    warrant an arrest... Come On , there are so many reality tv shows where
    we have seen height of moronic unharmful comments in front of cops, and
    the cops just ignore it ... Dr. Gates was atleast not that worse...
    and not a reason to settle score with Dr. for his comments when there
    is a right of Freedom of Speech given in this country to every individual....

  • He probably was wrong for saying something without knowing all the facts. That being said, it's obvious he was speaking on emotion and based on his relationship with a friend if you look at all of his comments rather than those few words. So it's understandable too. Was it right? Not necessarily in that forum. Would we defend our friend too in a similar situation? Probably.

  • What's stupid is me commenting on your blog. So this will be the last time. I'm sure you won't miss me. How could you? I'm stupid. But unlike you, I know it.

    What I liked most about what President Obama said was at the top he pretty much recused himself from the case, since he acknowledged Skip was his friend, and couldn't be objective.

    Sure wish the supreme court had recused themselves in Bush V Gore. The vote, on both sides, along party lines, proved no one can be objective when it comes friends.

    When it comes to having good friends, acting stupidly is a sign of love. When it comes to enforcing the law, acting stupidly is a sign of racial profiling.

    I leave you with that, Mister Byrne. Your writing has the tone of a gated community: exclusive, elitist, stupid. Good bye.

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