Lisa Madigan our own Sarah Palin?

Now here's a scenario to consider: If Lisa Madigan were governor what would her father, House Speaker Michael Madigan have done with her budget if he didn't like it.
Lisa Madigan, in deciding to seek re-election as Attorney General, made
the right decision for her and the state because of the endless
potential for conflicts with her father. What if, for


Attorney General Lisa Madigan

example, a Gov.
Madigan, had called for a big income tax increase to balance the state
budget, as had current Gov. Pat Quinn? What kind of treatment would the
budget have received in House Speaker Madigan's meat grinder? Would the
business of government suffer in a family feud? We certainly had enough
of that with former Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his estranged
father-in-law, Ald. Richard Mell.

Actually, a conflict between
the two Madigans could have been preferable to the other scenario, a
partnership between the two Madigans. Imagine a Madigan controlling the
executive branch and a Madigan running the Illinois House, or half the
legislative branch. Would another Madigan be available to run the
Senate, giving the family a hat trick?

The question, of course,
now is moot, with the Attorney General announcing today that she'd
prefer to stay in her job. But the potential of a conflict with her
powerful, strong-willed father who increasingly takes personally any
disagreement with his dictates should have been for Lisa, if she has
any sense, chilling.

Note can be taken that this is the second
prominent woman in the space of a week that has either declined to run
for governor or resigned as governor. With Lisa Madigan considered by
some experts to be a shoo-in, maybe being governor is actually a male
thing after all. Kidding, people.

But comparisons with Sarah
Palin's decision to resign as Alaska's chief executive and the
reactions to it should be intriguing . The decisions by both women are
mysterious, leading to all kinds of speculation. Undoubtedly, Madigan's
decision will be treated with greater respect by the media than Palin's
has been, because...well...Palin is Palin. Both women had a governorship in
their hands, and they declined, Madigan opting for a lesser job and
Palin opting for...whatever. Maybe their decisions simply made sense to
the two women, and we should leave it at that.

Besides, Madigan has been a pretty good attorney general. Just like Palin has been a pretty good governor.  


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  • Palin, Madigan, Bloomberg, Daley. When are we going to get beyond Coke & Pepsi Politics. I'm done with brand names. I'm going generic.

    In the last election for Governor of Illinois, I couldn't bring myself to vote for Rod. Not just because of his hair. But it was already clear from his 1st term he was a scandle-monger.

    I'm liberal, to the left of lesbian. But I considered Judy Baar Topinka. I couldn't vote for Judy because Judy turned out to be nutter-butters. So I went Green. I voted for Rich Whitney.

    I had no expectation of winning, which was fun.

    I'm done with Coke & Pepsi Politics. I'm done treating politics like a horse race. You don't vote to pick winner. You vote to express your heart.

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