Here's how to settle the Gates debate

This fight over Professor Gates' arrest has spun far out of control. Too many people making


Blind Justice

too many assumptions about the facts involved. Too much generalizing about who's at fault.

This goes for both sides. Before this thing goes any further, the establishment of the facts is primary. To do that, we need sworn statements from the parties and witnesses and the place to do that is in a court of law.

So....The police department should reinstate the charges against Gates, so that sworn statements can be taken from everyone, under penalty of perjury. That, of course, is political impossible. Gates has threatened to sue, so he should proceed so that sworn testimony can be given in the civil case.

Either way, this matter has grown far beyond a dispute between two people. It has evolved into an endless, never-to-be-settled debate over racism. Maybe some clarity about the exact nature of the incident will help keep the various mouths from their endless yammering.

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