Fathead school administrators=Illinois' fat kids

There's more hand wringing about another "alarming" report about fat kids, this one informing us that Illinois ranks fourth among the states for the percentage of our obese children, trailing only the grits-eaters in Mississippi  Georgia and Kentucky.


On today's menu: barf

As reported
by the Chicago Tribune one of three Illinois children are overweight or
obese, and Illinois ranks 10th among the states for the percentage of children
ages 10-17 who are overweight.

Oh, woe.

Calls go out for more government interventions,  programs, studies
and, according to Rep. Jan Schakowsky, our hyperactive Evanston
Democrat, more legislation. Said she: "We must confront childhood
obesity head-on with education, improved, nutrition, greater physical
activity and increased access to preventative primary care." Maybe if
the Obama administration can find another $1 trillion lying around, we
could use that.

I can save them the money.

Take out every last vending machine in every last school. No colas, candy bars, potato chips and other garbage.
If I'm too late, and every machine already has been removed, it's time
to go after the lunch rooms. Can you believe it, but  nachos are on the
menu every day in Chicago's public high schools and often in grammar
schools, according to another Tribune report.  It's that sickening fare
you see at ball parks: a pile of yellow corn chips, smothered in ground
meat and a stinking hunk of orange cheese "product." It should turn
your stomach, but Chicago's public school kids, abetted by useless
administrators, have made it a lunchtime favorite. Along with chocolate

How did this even get started? Who was the school principle who first thought that it would be a good idea to include such rubbish on the menu? Who were the blockheads who gave in to kids' demands for junk food?

Such stupidity is epidemic. We don't need renewals of the federal Child Nutrition Act, or any of the other involvements from Washington that have become the common prescription for every problem in sight. We need some common sense and fortitude in the schools where these decisions are made.

Instead, we get excuses from school officials about how they don't have enough money to serve nutritious meals. Not enough money for kitchen equipment, not enough money for staff, not enough money for outside vendors who serve healthy meals. Always, not enough money.

If that's the case, then why were schools able to serve healthy food for years, long before the spigots of federal school subsidies opened and we are supposed to raise our taxes to record-high levels? How did we, as students in the 1950s, get along without nachos and the vending machines? True, many of us regarded the healthy food as slop, but that was too bad. Eat it or starve. For those who couldn't stomach healthy food, there always was the brown bag lunch--but that's so uncool today how can we expect today's darlings to put up with the embarrassment?

As shocking as it seems now, earlier generations of children were not allowed to leave school during lunch hour to go and stuff their faces at the local McDs. But that too will never do, because children must have their "choices."

Well, the kids have made their choices, and now we can't figure out why so many are fatsos.

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