Chris Kennedy: Who?

After Lisa Madigan announced that she liked her job as attorney general just fine, and wouldn't run for senator or governor, the stuffed-up pipeline of potential candidates unclogged


Chris Kennedy

like a sewer freed of a giant glop.

Maybe it's a measure of a character failure that Madigan decided to wait so long, throwing a wrench into every other potential candidate's fundraising and organizing efforts. Whatever her reasons, it had the follks waiting in line fuming.

Now that the pipeline is gushing with candidates, there's one that keeps mysteriously popping up, even though he's nearly an unknown outside of political and insider circles: Chris Kennedy. Here his name is dropped on us again, as it has for the last few years.

For those of us who don't necessarily see a story any time a political
operative wants to plant a trial balloon, Kennedy is the chief
executive of the Merchandise Mart, a job once held by R. Sargent
Shriver, the former vice presidential candidate in the George McGovern
ticket and former head of the Chicago Board of Education.

Why mention
Shriver? Because like Shriver, Kennedy, as a son of Robert Kennedy,  is
a part of the sainted Kennedy Familly oligarchy and is boss at the Mart
(which the Kennedy family formerly owned). Like every other Kennedy
since President John F. Kennedy, all  the members of the clan have to
do is think about running for office, and, low, it becomes instant news.

Chris Kennedy might make a perfectly fine governor or senator or
whatever office his operatives "leak" to the media. But haven't we had
just about enough of nepotism in these precincts? Daley I and Daley II;
Madigan I and Madigan II; Stroger I and Stroger II, the
Mell/Blagojevich family...and on and on and on, all the way down the
Democrat Machine's food chain.

The Kennedys, of course, are East Coast
Estabishment, which raises the question: If we must have an hereditary
government, can't we at least come up with some local talent?



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  • Why not Chris Kennedy? After all, it's his birthright to be in the Senate.

    He may be a good guy, but the political aspirations of the Kennedy clan are almost more than I can take.

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