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Giving utilitarian two-flats their due

Two-flats get no respect. They’re the workhorses of Chicago housing, but the single-family bungalow gets all the attention. Bungalows are celebrated for their distinctive Chicago style; without acclaim two-flats quietly go about their business of sheltering all kinds of families and generating income for the small investor. Al Capone’s two-flat in Chicago. (Chicago Tribune photo)... Read more »

Daley employs the Peter Principle in reverse

Mayor Richard M. Daley Here is an interesting idea: When you screw up, instead of getting fired, you return to your last job. This is the principle that Mayor Richard M. Daley used when he fired his Streets and Sanitation commissioner, Michael Picardi, and kicked him back to his old job as head of the... Read more »

Affirmative action takes one on the chin

If you tried to wade through the Supreme Court’s opinion that New Haven unfairly denied promotions to white fire fighters because of their race, you might get a little confused, especially when it comes to applying it to Chicago, Cook County and Illinois’ tangled web of affirmation action laws. If you tried to wade through... Read more »

Judging The Judge in the Cop Beating Cas

For more than 20 years as a columnist, I’ve kept my mouth shut whenever a judge or a jury makes a decision that I don’t believe is right. Even when every opinionizer in the country was fuming over the jury’s acquittal of O.J. Simpson of murder charges, I didn’t write in disagreement, although I was... Read more »

Hal Turner's right to speak ends with death threats

Today’s arrest of Hal Turner, a white supremacist, for threatening to murder three federal appeals court judges in Chicago is expected to set off the usual hand wringing among bloggers about threats to free speech. Bunk. He used his web site to call for the killing of three federal judges in Chicago. The Chicago Breaking... Read more »

Chicago olympics bid team to hold secret meetings with aldermen At every turn, Mayor Richard M. Daley, Pat Ryan and the Chicago Silly Council make themselves look ever more like dunces. Now comes word that Ryan’s Chicago 2016 Olympic committee is meeting in secret with aldermen to brief them on a controversial move by Daley to secure the Olympics for Chicago in 2016. The... Read more »

How many helicopters can you buy with $13 billion?

What’s this, $13 billion to build new helicopters for President Barack Obama? That’s $13 billion with a “b,” putting the production of a handful of choppers to fly around the president in the same category as the entire expansion of O’Hare International Airport. Is Obama out of his mind? He might be, but you can’t... Read more »

Amazing acts of heroism

This came from Allan Zullo, an author, who is writing a book on war heroes.It is an extraordinary and true story. Hello: As you might know, I’m working on the book WAR HEROES: Voices from Afghanistan.  One of the stories is about PVT Channing Moss, who was impaled by a live RPG during a Taliban... Read more »

Daley's Costly Genuflection to the Olympic Overseers

Is the International Olympic Committee so stupid that it is willing to accept the word of a mayor of a near-bankrupt city that it will cover any of the Games’ huge losses if it comes to Chicago? Is the committee stupid enough to believe that Daley is a king and can commit Chicago to paying... Read more »

Our illusions about health care

This commentary also appeared in the Chicago Tribune If Sen. Edward Kennedy’s 651-page bill reconstructing America’s health-care system is any indication, the next few weeks will be confusing and exasperating. Immodestly speaking, the Massachusetts Democrat thinks the government can bestow on Americans long-term care insurance for a far-fetched $65 a month. Right there is a... Read more »
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