Mike Royko exposes huge pro-choice lie

With the coming 20th anniversary of legendary Chicago columnist Mike Royko’s death on April 29, there have been an eruption of well-deserved memoirs and homages. However, none that I could find recalled his double-barrel blast at a leading abortion provider for lying “through his teeth” when he denied the use of a practice called of partial birth... Read more »

How much was it worth for Fox to dump Bill O'Reilly?

Word is that Fox paid the Bill O’Reilly tens of millions of dollars, perhaps $25 million to rid themselves of the adolescent, hormonal sex fiend. Was it worth it? Hell, yes. Maybe even more, a lot more, if that’s what it would have taken. Although I agreed with many of his conservative viewpoints, I couldn’t stand the sight... Read more »

Emanuel's good high school diploma idea sets critics' hair on fire

This commentary appeared in RealClearPolitics.com CHICAGO–Mayor Rahm Emanuel has done the unthinkable: He told graduates of the city’s dismal public school system that he wants them to do something with their diploma. Or else they won’t get a diploma. Something like: get a job, go to college, join the military or even sign up for... Read more »

Take a tour of Fulton Market, Chicago's hottest new neighborhood

The tour is courtesy of Crain’s Chicago Business. Here’s a Chicago Tribune photo collection of Fulton Market. City plans new street design for Fulton Market.

Illinois' hidden state government debt=$51.9 billion

In addition to the crushing debt that everyone (except Democrats) is talking about there is $51.9 billion that the state has hidden. Reports Truth in Accounting, a non-partisan government financial watchdog: Repeated decisions by state officials have left the state with a staggering debt burden of $210.4 billion, according to Truth in Accounting’s (TIA) analysis of... Read more »

What the...? Mike Madigan has raised $40 million?

In 11 races House Speaker Michael Madigan has run in and won, he has raised $40,075,680 in campaign contributions, according to FollowTheMoney.org. On the face of it, this is an astonishing amount of money to be raised for Madigan, considering the fact that he has run those races in an absolutely safe district that he has mapped out... Read more »

One reason to move to North Dakota

By law, there aren’t any parking meters. And there won’t be any in the near future thanks to “North Dakota legislators say no to parking meters.” The Bismarck Tribune reported: The House on Wednesday killed legislation that would have let communities decide whether to install meters on streets. Representatives voted 59-29 to keep the nearly... Read more »

Should the Chicago Bulls have lost on purpose?

That’s the thinking: lose games so they wouldn’t have made the playoffs and consequently qualify for a higher rookie draft choice. That thinking also applied to the Bears who would have grabbed  number one draft position (instead of the third) if they had lost some games on purpose. thinking showed up, for example here from one of Chicago’s best sports writers... Read more »

Suburbs should annex Chicago

If that sounds unlikely, consider Friday’s Tribune op-ed, “Chicago should annex adjoining suburbs.” In it, Edward McClelland, the author of “Nothin’ but Blue Skies” and  “How to Speak Midwestern,” reveals that Chicago can regain its former Second City status by annexing adjoining suburbs.  It would be a good way to capture their suburban populations, he wrote, and, more importantly,... Read more »

Daylight saving time: Get rid of it or make it permanent

“Lock the clock.” That’s the nickname of a movement to either abolish daylight saving times or to make it permanent year round. As Pew Charitable Trusts’ publication, “Stateline” reports: The movement to “lock the clock” is growing as more research indicates that the biannual ritual of changing the time is not only annoying to some but... Read more »
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