You CAN return from hell

I did. Hell was air travel. A simple trip to and from Florida. The airlines probably figure it’s routine trip, but routine for passengers these days is something entirely different: confusion, aggravation and a bed of thorns. We had flown a month before but this next time, things had changed. Again. And again.. First, we made... Read more »

An engineering feat's 150th anniversary

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From the Wall Street Journal By David Mermelstein May 23, 2019 3:54 p.m. ET Salt Lake City–Immersed in our fast-paced world of hyper-interconnectivity, we often forget that people’s lives were markedly different not so long ago. Written communication was slow and sporadic before the telegraph changed things in the mid-19th century. And until the final... Read more »

High and mighty Chicago Teachers Union president warns Mayor Lightfoot

Jesse Sharkey, fresh off re-election as Chicago Teachers Union president, huffs and puffs that if new Mayor Lori Lightfoot doesn’t “transform” Chicago Public Schools (the way the union wants) then she better watch out. The Chicago Tribune quotes Sharkey announcing immediately after his re-election,  “We hope that the new mayor makes good on her promises to transform... Read more »

Should the Catholic Church allow married priests?

Here, according to my friend Jim Bowman, is a brilliant rundown of both sides of the argument. As someone who is for married and women priests,  Father Dwight Longenecker’s arguments are forceful, persuasive, balanced and honest. Also, as he notes, he’s a married priest, but no one seems to want to ask him or his... Read more »

Trump's shameless pardon of the preening ex-Sun-Times publisher Conrad Black

President Donald Trump’s undeserved pardon of ex-Chicago Sun-Times publisher and swindler Conrad Black  should frost the butts of hundreds of his former employees, as it does mine. Black, founder of Hollinger International Inc. had served three and a half years in prison for  mail fraud and obstruction of justice in connection with his scheme to divert $60... Read more »

Democrat's Rx for Illinois will make matters worse

Thought Illinois has it bad? What until you see what Illinois Democrats are planning. Jeanne Ives, former GOP gubernatorial candidate and Illinois lawmakers, makes it distressingly clear by warning that in the remaining days in May the Democratic-control state stands ready to pass $38-billion-dollar-plus budgets in two hours. No time for the rest of us to... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel to South Side and south suburbs: 'Drop Dead'

Will Chicago’s new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, say the same? We may soon find out, as the idea of a South Suburban Airport is gaining new life.  For decades now, former Mayor Richard M. Daley and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have stuck a sharp stick in the eye of the Southland by blocking a South Suburban Airport. Lightfoot’s turn is next. The... Read more »


After listening to both sides, a yawn is all I can feel about the  fiery debate about the United States plunging into a “constitutional crisis.” From the tenor of the “conversation,” one might imagine that we’ve returned to 1860 when a true constitutional crisis led to the Civil War What we have in the face-off between... Read more »

The Chicago Way: O'Hare Airport's over-built expansion produces fewer flights

What? Wait a minute. The vaunted, costly expansion of O’Hare International Airport was supposed to double its capacity, to more than 1.6 million flights annually. That was Mayor Richard M. Daley’s promise when in 2001 he unveiled what was the most costly public works project in the city’s history–the total reconfiguration of the airport’s runways at a... Read more »

Let's hear it for Sheila O'Brien in the Smollett case

Sheila O’Brien is a former Illinois appellate court judge who has filed a petition with the Cook County Circuit Court calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the handling of the Jesse Smollett case. In a Chicago Tribune op-ed, she criticized Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx for inexplicably dropping 16 felony charges for Smollett’s staging, then... Read more »
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