Why the stock market IS important

For most people, the stock market isn’t that important. That’s according to Edward Stuart, emeritus professor of economics at Northeastern Illinois University, who suggested in a recent appearance on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight not to worry about the recent market plummet. Tribune Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Mary Schmich was so taken aback by the assertion that she followed up with... Read more »

Only 2% of millennials say they are exclusively gay

As opposed to 64 percent of millennials who say they are completely heterosexual. The remaining third of millennials say they are sort of heterosexual, or a little gay or sort of both. What’s the big deal? Well, if you follow YouGov polls, you’ll see that the international polling firm and the media have chosen to put... Read more »

So, how did Sec. of State Hillary Clinton get her classified messages?

With her denials that any classified information was sent or received on her smart phone, one can reasonably ask: So, how did Sec. of State Hillary Clinton get her classified messages? How did she discuss matters of highest national security? Carrier pigeon? Telegraph? Hand-written letters? Word of mouth? If she sent or received no classified... Read more »

President Trump sends U.S. troops into Mexico*

WASHINGTON–President Donald Trump unexpectedly deployed thousands of U.S. troops to create a 5-mile-wide “alien free” zone on the Mexican side of its border with America. Frustrated by Mexico’s refusal to pay for a $1.2 billion wall along the border to keep undocumented immigrants from illegally entering the United States, Trump said today that he was... Read more »

Voter fraud doesn't exist

Like hell it doesn’t. But the astonishing assertion that voter fraud doesn’t exist found it’s way onto this blog in response to my Aug. 8 post that “Voter ID law does not suppress election turnout.” Well, I knew that a favorite progressive/liberal/Democrat trope is that Republicans/conservatives and fellow traveling meanies are trying by all kinds of... Read more »

In Wisconsin motorists can eat their road kill without telling the cops

 Motorists who kill deer in auto crashes no longer need to contact local police to get a permit allowing them to keep the game meat.--Wisconsin Post Crescent.  Well, that’s a relief. Actually, you still have to report the road kill to the cops if the wildlife caused $1,000 or more in damages to your car.... Read more »

Voter ID law does not suppress election turnout

A major claim by progressive and Democrats is that by calling for voter ID laws, Republicans are attempting to suppress minority election day turnout. That’s not necessarily the case. Critics of the Texas voter identification law claim that a voter ID requirement suppresses voter turnout. However, turnout data from elections held with the voter ID... Read more »

GOP debate winner:Carly Fiorina. Losers: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama

Carly Fiorina came away as the winner of the GOP debates–a surprise to everyone except those who know her and have heard her speak. She was assigned to the JV squad (the early, non-prime-time debate between the seven candidates who didn’t make the first team cut) because only about 40 percent of Republicans know who... Read more »

It's time to tax Illinois retirement income

Here’s one reform that could ease Illinois’ fiscal troubles: Tax retirement income. Illinois exempts from taxation all retirement income, including Social Security, an astonishing fact, considering the state’s ruinous fiscal health. Only two other states, Mississippi and Pennsylvania, are as blindly generous. Most other states tax a portion or all of retirement income, including public... Read more »

Comparing Donald Trump's and John McCain's Vietnam War years

Comparing Donald Trump’s and John McCain’s Vietnam War years leaves you breathless at Trumps’ staggering hypocrisy that was exposed when he said that McCain–a real war hero–was not a war hero. Trump’s own description of how he spent those years in his masterbatory autobiography, The Art of the Deal, should leave you breathless, providing a scary insight about... Read more »
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