Mission creep: Medicaid money now can be used to house the homeless

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has decided that Medicaid money, intended for clinical services and medications for the poor, now can help the chronically homeless to find and maintain permanent housing. According to Pew Charitable Trust, Advocates for the homeless have welcomed the CMS move,... Read more »

Hillary Clinton invokes American exceptionalism in fight against Islamic state

Hillary Clinton today outlined in detail how she would engage in a war against the Islamic state and worldwide terrorism. In essence she trumped both President Barack Obama and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump by calling for, among other things, a “new phase” in the fight including a stepped up military offensive. But for me,... Read more »

It's not Donald Trump who scares the shite out of me

It’s the people who fall for his authoritarian fantasies who scare the shite out of me. Donald Trump’s most recent rant about Obama being “insane” seems to have struck a chord with those who are looking for an autocrat to rescue us from the mess that Obama and his progressive and isolationist boosters have created.... Read more »

Barack Obama's late arriving compassion for Syrian refugees

Barack Obama’s late arriving compassion for Syrian refugees is puzzling. For years, he apparently felt no compassion for the hundreds of thousands of Syrians who were killed or maimed in the bloodiest civil war in memory. The casualties and suffering in Syria are beginning to approach the horrific and storied Spanish Civil war in which... Read more »

Chicago lakefront joggers, bikers too busy to notice dead man hanging from a tree

You can hardy blame lakefront joggers and bikers for not noticing a dead man hanging from a tree near Foster Ave. Pausing  might screw up their Fitbit stats. But Linda Ewen did notice and called police. “”I wasn’t focused on the road. I was looking at the lake. I saw what looked like a big man... Read more »

Helicopter parents: Your job is to put yourself out of a job

Because I’m an old guy, I’ve seen all kinds of different theories about how parents should raise their children. From children are not to be seen or heard, then through  Dr. Benjamin Spock’s use of psychodynamics to understand children (hug more, punish less) and to today’s “helicopter parents.” The pendulum, it is said, swings back... Read more »

Feds seize computers, files on Chicago officials from outgoing inspector general

Ace political reporter Natasha Korecki, formerly of the Chicago Sun-Times and now with Politico, reports that  ”FBI agents seized a trove of investigative documents, computers and files from legislative inspector general Faisal Khan’s office on Friday, its last day overseeing Chicago elected officials.” Khan has been working with the FBI on some undisclosed projects and... Read more »

Obama's stunning, insensitive, tone-deaf and flabby defensive of his failed 'strategy' in the wake of the Paris massacres

Despite the slaughter of scores of innocent people in Paris, despite the global expansion of radical Islamic terrorism, despite the shock and to the dismay of millions, President Barack Obama dared to appear before a world-wide audience today and assert that his non-strategy of defeating ISIS is working. His press conference Monday at the G20... Read more »

Der Donald's Brown Shirts

Der Donald Trump’s insistence that he can deport some 11 million illegal immigrants “humanely” is like saying that Hitler’s rounding up and shipping out millions of Jews was nice. Trump, as usual, wouldn’t be pinned down on how he would accomplish this miraculous and gracious feat. But let’s think about it. First, you’ve got to... Read more »

I'm in need of 'respite and renewal'

I’m in need of respite and renewal after reading about the discrimination complaint filed by College of DuPage former President Robert Breuder asserting that he was screwed out of his “respite and renewal” benefits. Reported the Chicago Tribune: Breuder’s contract called for him to receive 12 days a year of “respite and renewal” leave between the... Read more »
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