Crain's asks, "Who's really in charge in Springfield?"

If you said House Speaker Michael Madigan, or Gov. J.B. Pritzker, you’d be wrong. The answer, according to Crain’s: Teachers unions. Crain’s correctly cites the “giveaway” to the teachers unions that will allow their members to receive a big “bump-up” in salary in their final years before retirement so that they can receive a bigger... Read more »

Illinois' regressive Reproductive Health Act eviscerates human rights

Progressives now on “the wrong side of history.” “A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent rights under the laws of this State.”–Illinois’ newly enacted Reproductive Health Act. Never, to my knowledge has a state passed a law denying a person any and all rights. America’s history is marked by a steady expansion of... Read more »

Obama and Eric Holder decry Illinois gerrymandering

That’s right President Obama and his attorney general Eric Holder have decried the gerrymandering of legislative districts in Illinois, a process entirely controlled by House Speaker Michael Madigan and his fellow Democrats. But why should Obama and Holder, partisan Democrats, be condemning the action of the Democratic leadership in Illinois? The reason is Democrats are intensely... Read more »

The stupid celebration of the idiotic Disco Demolition Night

As if rising from their wheelchairs and tossing aside their walkers, Baby Boomers are extolling Disco Demotion Night as a “cultural touchstone.”  If so, it’s their touchstone, because many of the rest of us (speaking only for some of us in the pre-Baby Boomer generation) thought it was an idiotic demonstration of where Baby Boomers were... Read more »

The Obama Center's rape of Chicago's lakefront

As a life-long Chicagoan, I never imagined that I’d see anyone get away with building skyscraper in one of the city’s precious lakefront parks. Worse, I never thought that the news of the scarring of a lakefront park would be greeted with such a chorus of cheers by so many people who should delight in and brag... Read more »

Are the Central Park Five really all that innocent?

Netflix its drawing praise for its min-series “When They See Us,” a true story about five black and Latino teenagers who were wrongfully convicted of the 1989 rape of a white woman jogger in New York’s Central Park. After they had served six to 13 years in prison, serial rapist and murderer Matias Reyes confessed to... Read more »

Illinois' retired public employees won't pay that new state income tax, even if their pensions exceed $250,000

A big selling point for Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s graduated income tax is how it will land only on rich people–those making more than$250,000 annually. Then why won’t Illinois’ retired government employees whose pensions exceed $250,000 pay any state tax? Because pensions are not taxed in Illinois, even those pensions that pay well over $250,000 annually. It... Read more »

Why Pritzker's phony budget is NOT balanced

This should make every Illinoisan furious: Why Gov. J.B. Pritzker, House Speaker Michael Madigan and their minions are being dishonest when they claim the new Illinois budget is balanced. This analysis is from an accounting expert who knows what she’s talking about. Related: Pritzker’s untruth: Illinois’ budget is billions out of balance

Big payoff for billionaire in the Pritzker, Madigan, Dem budget

Only partisans are rejoicing that Illinois finally passed a budget on time and believe as the Democrats tell us that is a big win for us uns. If fact, they need to read about how the budget lagged a billionaire political contributor a big, big favor. The complete story is in Crain’s Chicago Business: “Billionaire wins,... Read more »

Kick Chicago out of Illinois?

Some folks are deadly serious about kicking Chicago out of Illinois.According to an AP story published in Pew Research’s online magazine, Stateline: In Illinois, a resolution calling on Congress to declare Chicago the 51st state has eight Republican cosponsors in the state House (there are 44 Republicans in the lower chamber) and support among many... Read more »
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