White Guilt Invades the Elite New Trier High School on the wealthy North Shore

This article first appeared in The Weekly Standard. Northfield, Il.–Now that institutions of higher learning have been thoroughly molded in the principles and practices of white guilt, it’s time to turn to the high schools. For that, we take you to Chicago’s affluent North Shore suburbs, where the excellent New Trier High School has set... Read more »

Trump Scorecard: Russia, D+

What’s going on, if anything, between Russia and President Donald Trump? It’s a legitimate question, hanging over just about every foreign policy move his administration makes. Remember then-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s silly “reset” button with Russia? The idea was to seek better relations between the two countries. Republicans ridiculed the whole scenario as the... Read more »

Trump scorecard: NATO, B+

Vice President Mike Pence’s news conference this morning at NATO headquarters spotlighted one of President Donald Trump’s successes: Strengthening NATO members’ commitment  to pay their fair share to fund the critical North Atlantic Treaty Alliance. During the presidential campaign, Trump made a big deal out of delinquent members who were failing to pay their full share, amounting to 2... Read more »

New report finds some polar bear populations are not declining

If we can put aside the emotional hysteria for a moment about how global warming is wiping out the polar bears, you might want to read this: Baffin Bay and Kane Basin polar bears not ‘declining’ concludes new report: The 2016 Scientific Working Group report on Baffin Bay and Kane Basin polar bears was released online without fanfare last... Read more »

Evidence of illegal voting

Dare I challenge the given wisdom of most of my colleagues at ChicagoNow and suggest that voter fraud might be, well, at least just a tinsy-winsy problem? Yes, I know that I’m supposed to believe that vote fraud virtually doesn’t exist at all, based, I am led to believe by some social science “research.” Yet,... Read more »

The ultra-left runs amock at New Trier High School

UPDATE: White guilt invades the elite New Trier High School  School board approves seminar; it will proceed as scheduled. No one objects to seminars and lessons about Dr. Martin Luther King, the civil rights movement and its necessity for the cleansing of America. But New Trier High School has gone amok in creating this year’s seminar day... Read more »

For the love of Mike, Trump, can't you just shut up, for once?

President Donald Trump’s frequent, brainless and deceptive Tweets are as persuasive and effective as the playground comeback, “So’s your old man.” The Tweets, required by his wounded  ego, are jeopardizing his own agenda, not to mention that of the millions of Americans who agree with him on many issues. More and more Trump makes his retaliating for his hurt feelings more... Read more »

Right to Work is growing

“Governing” reports: Several states have already passed right-to-work laws this year — and their reach may finally expand into the Northeast…. “Twenty-five years ago, right-to-work was not a marquee issue, but support has been steadily growing,” said Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Committee. “The battle over public-sector unionization in Wisconsin helped... Read more »

Sanctuary cities get $27 billion federal aid; Chicago the second largest beneficiary

Declaring that your city, county or state is a sanctuary from the enforcement of federal immigration laws could be detrimental to your financial health. A report from OpenTheBooks.com finds that as much as $27 billion in federal aid could be endangered by a local unit of government by refusing to comply with federal immigration law.... Read more »

Important legal action: 18 women's health organizations sue Illinois Gov. Rauner

Press release reprinted in full below Illinois Pregnancy Resource Centers Sue Governor for First Amendment Violations State Law Compels Staff to Refer for Abortions Despite Religious Objections (February 10, 2017 – Chicago) Eighteen Illinois women’s health organizations are suing Governor Bruce Rauner over Illinois’ new law forcing pro-life doctors and pregnancy resource centers to discuss... Read more »
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