Hillary Clinton's astonishing record of White House failures, fraud and covecr-ups

Younger voters and rigid ideologues my not remember, or may choose not to remember, the many Hillary Clinton White House failures, fraud and cover-ups when she was the First Lady. There is nothing new here, but I even forgot some of these on the long list of her disgraceful tenure when she had her hand on... Read more »

It's Trump's right not to accept a Hillary Clinton election victory

UPDATE: Trump said he would accept “a clear election result” but was reserving his right to “contest or file a legal challenge” if he loses.  Donald Trump’s refusal in the Oct. 19 debate to commit to “accepting” the outcome if Hillary Clinton is elected president has all kinds of critics speeding off the rails. “It’s horrifying,” Clinton... Read more »

The Cubs are looking like the White Sox

While watching (and cheering for) the Chicago Cubs last night in the MLB National League Championship Series , I felt the same frustration that I felt this year watching my White Sox play. No offense when it counted, as if they never faced a major league pitcher before.  Zero runs scored in two games. Jeez,... Read more »

Hillary Clinton's dementia

She must have dementia, otherwise how could her memory failed so much when she was answering (i.e. dodging) Judicial Watch questions concerning her Clinton.com non-state.gov email system. She responded that she “did not recall” 20 times to such questions as did she alter or destroy on State Department related business. How could anyone not remember such... Read more »

Are the media in Hillary Clinton's pocket

A debate about whether the media are biased in favor of Clinton and left-wing causes: Having spent decades working in a newspaper newsroom, I believe there is a left-wing bias in news judgment, about what to report, where to place the story and so forth. Many reporters who exhibit this bias, unfortunately, deny it exists.... Read more »

Clinton and Gore's unscientific assertion that climate change worsened Hurricane Matthew

They’re at it again. After scientists have repeatedly warned that one event does not prove or disprove a hypothesis, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore asserted in a campaign appearance that Hurricane Matthew was likely more destructive because of climate change. This constant politicization of science has become so absurd... Read more »

100 highest paying jobs in Illinois

See where do you rank on the list. Or if you’re even on the list. (I’m not, in case you’re wondering.) Read why Americans need to learn about the nation’s most ignored war. Find out what freelance editorial services I can provide for you. Want to be notified by email when I post? Type your email address... Read more »

Checking Obama's or any other candidate's presidential qualifications is not racist

No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen... Read more »

Has a presidential or vice presidential nominee ever been replaced?

The answer is on Mike Purdy’s presidentialhistory.com.

Hey, hey, it's Columbus Day. Time to bash the old devil. Again

Once a year, as Columbus Day rolls around, we have another great opportunity to mock, belittle and condemn the explorer who discovered America and the people (mostly Italians) who honor him. Over and over, we are reminded how he opened the door to the “European invasion”  that decimated and enslaved the  innocent and peace-loving First Peoples... Read more »
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