Decision Time 2015-No Condo For Me!

My husband and I have lived in our house for 26 years. We raised our kids and met neighbors who became friends. We redecorated and updated and have been very happy here.

Times change and so do our needs. Going up and down the stairs started to hurt, it was too much house to take care of and we just wanted a different lifestyle. We had done a lot of soul searching and decided on a condo. We liked the idea of building new and time to prepare, both mentally and physically for this big change in our lives. Our new home would be ready in about a year. We wanted the ease of locking up and not worrying about snow blowing, lawn mowing or someone to look out for anything to go wrong while we were away. The condo was only a few miles from our home and had a few buildings already built but they were building one new one. I visualized us living there and was getting quite excited.

We started to get rid of things. It is truly amazing how much possessions multiply. We had 26 years of stuff. We had a garage sale, listed things on Ebay and Craigslist, donated to charities, schools, and religious organizations. We asked the kids to go through their belongings. It was quite interesting. My adult daughter thought great; let's decorate the new place, while my son's attitude was quite different. He couldn't believe we were selling his childhood home. My husband and I went shopping for new furniture constantly analyzing our options and what we wanted this new home to look like to us.

Fast forward to 11/13/15. I was out to dinner with some friends and we all pulled out our phones (at the end of the meal) to check them. I received an email from the builder saying that they were heartbroken to report that the village, (who was giving some financial support), had pulled out at the last minute and they wouldn't be breaking ground or moving forward. "Please come pick up your deposit" and we are so sorry and so on and so forth. WOW!! Now I have to admit I was having some concerns, but I never thought in my wildest dreams that the project wouldn't go through.

I have the kind of personality that when something hits me hard, I dwell and analyze it for a few days and then go into action mode. So that being said, this is what I discovered about myself and my reaction. Everything happens for a reason. Now some people don't believe in that phrase, but I do and even if I didn't, it was important to me that I now did. Maybe it wasn't meant to be, at least not in the immediate future.  I also had a game plan. We decided to stay put, at least for now, but make some changes that would bring us pleasure without doing a major remodel. New hardware now adorns our original kitchen cabinets, a new sofa has been ordered for our family room, we will be replacing our carpeting and some outside lighting.

This experience taught me a great deal. Be resilient. It could always be worse. Things don't always go as planned. Don't give up, just find another path. Life is filled with highs and lows.  Our character helps us to determine how we react to those disappointments.

Wishing all of you a great 2016.

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