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20th Ward Committeeman Kevin Bailey talks economic growth in the community

Recently, front runner and candidate for 20th ward Alderman, committeeman Kevin Bailey appeared on WVON’s millennial Thrudays round table hosted by Mark Wallace and co-host Enoch Muhammad. Though the show hit on a few different points, it primarily revolved around the Host Mark Wallace’s initial inquiry to the the panel; How do we get black... Read more »

Why would they support me if I am not willing to stand up and fight for them? Says Kevin Bailey

To the residents and businesses of the 20th Ward; City of Chicago. My name is  Kevin Bailey, I am the current Democratic Committeeman for the 20th Ward and I’m also a candidate for Alderman of the 20th Ward, to be elected, February 26th 2019. As Alderman; I have pledged to to have a transparent, open... Read more »