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20th Ward Alderman Candidate Jeanette Taylor harass opponent 89 year old grandmother and we have receipts

The days of leaving family out of political attacks are long over according to self-proclaimed activist and  20th Ward Aldermanic hopeful Jeanette Taylor. I guess it’s not enough to pay a journalist to smear campaigns. I guess it’s not enough for major unions to throw thousands of dollars behind their political campaigns that Taylor has mentioned... Read more »

20th Ward Committeeman Kevin Bailey talks economic growth in the community

Recently, front runner and candidate for 20th ward Alderman, committeeman Kevin Bailey appeared on WVON’s millennial Thrudays round table hosted by Mark Wallace and co-host Enoch Muhammad. Though the show hit on a few different points, it primarily revolved around the Host Mark Wallace’s initial inquiry to the the panel; How do we get black... Read more »

Cigars and Chocolate with Committeeman Kevin Bailey and Greenleaf star Lamman Rucker

Like so many experiences based on flavor, the enjoyment of a cigar can often be influenced by the pairings made with it. And while the combinations of cigars with a good wine, cognac or even beer are relatively well understood, there are some more unlikely pairings you may not have considered. Like chocolate, for example. Pairing... Read more »