Category: Female Success Series

TaRhonda Harvey is leading Bosses in Power

Have you ever met a woman so passionate about her work? A woman that’s beautiful, educated, and compassionate about the needs of others? If you haven’t, then you haven’t met TaRhonda Harvey. I call her a triple-threat! Q. Tell us a little about you? I am a Business/Brand Consultant and Web Designer. I am passionate... Read more »

All Eyes on Dr. Deena Brown, CEO of DC Brown International

Deena C. Brown. PhD is the CEO of DC Brown International. A highly sought-after consultant, mentor, and speaker who helps individuals and teams to develop the ability to communicate and collaborate at a world class level so they can grow their business result. Her passion is for leading people to discover, maximize and lead with... Read more »

Dr. Valeka talks Mental Health and her Empire

I call her the quiet storm. She’s petite in stature, but her presence is loud, effective, and innovative! Dr.Valeka is taking the mental health world heads on and is determined to making major IMPACT while doing so! Big things truly do come in small packages! Listen in as we chat with her about who she... Read more »

Meet Sherilyn Bennett CEO of Camden Lane Creative Agency

Pegged an advocate for female entrepreneurs of faith. Sherilyn Bennett is an award-winning graphic designer, creative branding expert, national speaker and CEO of Camden Lane Creative Agency, a full-service corporate design and branding agency and Founder of LEAP! – a hands-on, interactive branding event for female entrepreneurs whose foundation is rooted in their faith. Sherilyn... Read more »

Attorney Meg Nocero is encouraging everyone to S.H.I.N.E

Meg Nocero is a woman with many talents, strengths, and passions! She is a former Department of Homeland Security attorney. And after 19 years of federal government service, she resigned to pursue her dream as a writer, inspirational speaker, a success coach, an attorney for justice. You may think that she was already living the... Read more »

Tanya Wilson is a Woman on a Mission

Tanya Wilson is a Woman on a Mission
Tanya Wilson is a woman on a mission to empower, equip, and enhance the lives of all that she comes in contact with! She is determined to help people live their most extraordinary lives! We had the absolute pleasure of speaking with her and learning a little bit more about who she is at her... Read more »

The World is Watching Author Kenise Etwaru

Kenise Etwaru is definitely a woman on a mission! Her heart is huge and she is truly the definition of “my sister’s keeper”. She is a woman that wears many hats. Mother, Worship Leader, Author, Executive Coach, Mentor, Author, and Friend! Her drive to see others excel and do well in this thing called life... Read more »

Top Five Boss Women Who Killed it For 2018

18 has been a record-breaking year for self-starters and creative women in the African-American community.  Here are five boss women who are killing it, in spite of the adversities they face. They came to win! Raynell “Supa Cent” Steward From waitress to entrepreneur, Raynell Steward, better known as Supa Cent lives up to her inspirational name. Did... Read more »

The Media Doctorz are taking over Committeeman Bailey's office for an evening of wine and painting

Media Doc TV will be bringing you behind the scenes footage of partners; Que Johnson and Nakita Nicci hot new event titled; The Art of Wine”. The ladies are kicking off 2019 with their first soiree in honor of the Honorable Committeeman and Alderman Candidate Kevin M Bailey. Guest will enjoy delicious small bites, door prizes, delicious... Read more »

Meet Shani Curry St.Vil Personal Finance Expert, Purse Empowerment

  What thoughtful/encouraging piece of advice would you give to your younger self? There is more where that came from. Often, in the building stages, you can have some hardcore lessons with lack. You can feel the lack of support, financial resources, staff, and time. But, as you continue to build and meet those challenges with your... Read more »