All eyes are on Philantropist Candice Cunningham as she tackles the story of Henreitta Lacks

All eyes are on Philantropist Candice Cunningham as she tackles the story of Henreitta Lacks

On December 4, 2019, Candice Cunningham the founder of the As One We Can Foundation also knowns as “The Black Ecosystem” has done it again! With exclusive creative control over the creation of a perfume line “ Immortal”, which pays homage to Henrietta Lacks, Candice Cunningham founder and creator of “ The Black Ecosystem”, has created a way to once again give back to the youth through this 16 week cohort program.

Candice Cunnigham is a talented entrepreneur and dedicated philanthropist from Chicago. Her unique skills and education in business, marketing and graphic design has equipped her with a unique set of perspectives that she is utilizing to work toward “Revitalizing the Struggling African American Communities”. As a product of one of these communities – South Side Englewood, Candice has first- hand experience on the disparities and lack of disproportionate opportunities that plague the community. By pooling resources “The Black Ecosystem hopes to solve; poverty, gun violence, limited job opportunities, police violence, flawed educational systems, family issues and mental health problems”.


In November, Cunningham partnered with Henry House to bring coats to the homeless. Her team delivered over 75 coats to people in need.

When speaking with Candice and inquiring about her superpower she responded “I never let people down that love me and trust me. I always show up and pour into them mentally emotionally and financially”.  So we can expect and anticipate that she will not disappoint with this cohort of students and developing the “Immortal” perfume line.

“A fragrance is like a signature, so that even after a woman leaves a room her fragrance should reveal she’s been there” ~ Oscar De La Renta.

If you are not familiar with Henrietta Lacks and her well know contribution to the medical field with her ” HeLa” cells get in tune. Although, Henrietta is gone from this life her “HeLa”, cells live on and demonstrate her “Immortality”.  We can only expect that the fragrance being developed by this cohort of students, that is paying her homage will remind you that “She’s Been Here”.  Oprah Winfrey starred as Henrietta in the film “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” and she is thrilled about this project and so are we.  You never know what to expect when dealing with concepts that “Live Past Limits”.

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