The New Nonprofit CEO Success Model workshop shares what makes them innovative at their craft

The New Nonprofit CEO Success Model workshop shares what makes them innovative at their craft

Meet Maya Carroll and Dr. Toscha Dickerson. They are the founders of The New Nonprofit CEO Success Model workshop is exclusively and intimately designed to educate dedicated Executive Directors, Founders, and Community Organizers on structuring their organizations for funding and sustainability.


Maya Carroll

Their objective is to provide education, tools, resources, and step by step instructions on building a solid Nonprofit Organization from the ground up. Participants learn how to move their community business idea from feasibility to sustainability. Their workshop offers a behind the scenes understanding of nonprofit organizational challenges, operations, and responsibility and importance to community impact. Each person will walk away from the workshop with completed 1023 forms, outline of effective mission and vision statements, program requirements, and developed marketing, content and financial strategy to drive fundraising and relationship building.

“ Dr. Dickerson and I met in June 2018 at Phoenix Women’s Outreach, Inc. recruiting luncheon for board members and volunteers. She applied to sit on Phoenix Women’s Outreach, Inc. and the rest is history. As time passed I approached Dr. Dickerson about partnering with me on educating nonprofit organizations and businesses on sustaining and growing their organizations and businesses”, says Maya. 

They have dismantled the lie that women can’t work together! This tour has given them the needed leverage to get their message out and educate, empower, and equip! So if you are trying to launch a nonprofit or build a stronger business, you need to connect with them.


Dr. Toscha Dickerson

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