Top Five Boss Women Who Killed it For 2018

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18 has been a record-breaking year for self-starters and creative women in the African-American community.  Here are five boss women who are killing it, in spite of the adversities they face. They came to win!

Raynell “Supa Cent” Steward

From waitress to entrepreneur, Raynell Steward, better known as Supa Cent lives up to her inspirational name. Did she predict the future? With her positive Instagram Live feeds, openness to comment back to followers, candid advice and giving spirit to her hometown New Orleans, LA, we have a feeling this is definitely just the beginning. Her phrase, “Watch My Smoke..” is put into action as she breaks barriers and become an inspiration to new and old followers who are in tune to her Crayon Case movement. On Cyber Monday Steward’s business reeled in a million dollars in just 30 minutes. Just when you thought Supa was done topping records for the year, she does it again. In partnership with long-time friend and successful business owner of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, Jessica Dupart, Steward breaks a Guinness Record for giving the most toys in under an hour. Over 5,019 toys were given out at the Mercedes Benz Superdome and everyone on social media is at the edge of their seats to see what is to come in 2019 from the IG Supa Star.


Jessica “MizCEO” Mosley

Life and Executive Coach Extraordinaire Jessica Mosley is changing the landscape of public relations with her multi-media experience and diverse background. Mosley is also the creator of J. Mosley Publishing, PR Firm, the MizCEO Society for Coaches and the MizCEO magazine and radio which airs in Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Miami, Chicago, and Detroit. MizCEO is a media maven who platforms women entrepreneurs and spends her time coaching individuals who are seeking to level up their path for success.   Every year MizCEO hosts a large conference featuring a power panel of women with backgrounds working with CNN, Oprah Magazine, Sheen Magazine, and many other large platforms to spark inspiration and growth.


Kiara Craft

Sultry R&B Songstress makes her mark with the release of Breaking Character. Craft sets the standard for women over the age of 40 who feels like they have finally arrived and don’t need a man to show for it. The album delivers unapologetic lyrics from the soul on top of a classic 90s to early 2000s vibe. Breaking Character is about being a boss and taking full control of your life, relationship, sex and various changes in your life. The album is a length compilation you can’t skip tracks on. It’s a thorough listening project you have to digest from “Selfish Love” to “Ain’t Your Goals” with an open mind.

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Tomayia Colvin

International award-winning senior portrait and wedding photographer Tomayia Colvin is taking what it means to be behind the lens to another level with The Cookout Conference. The one part photography conference and one part family cookout, Colvin brings some of the top African-American shutter masters together to incubate creative success. Within her first year of facilitating The Cookout in Atlanta, GA, Colvin ended up with a sold-out conference. We are still in 2018 and the conference for 2019 is already filling up. Voted top 50 Most Inspiring Photographers by Beauty Revived, Colvin spends her time exhibiting the country with The Unboxed Project inspiring young photographers.


Keeshea Pratt Band

2018 Blues Challenge Winner (Memphis, TN) Keesha Pratt Band is taking the world by storm with their dynamic sound. African-American frontwoman Keeshea Pratt gives modern day blues a re-uptaking traditional blues songs and blending it into a one-of-a-kind sound. With talented musicians surrounding her and a music producer by the name of Shawn Allen who has worked with James Fortune and Tyler Perry, the band was built from a recipe of success. Keeshea takes control of the stage as she sings passionately with soul. Her debut project, Believe, spews R&B and soul, there is no denying the band is one to look of for in the new year.


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