“That’s just how I am.” Here’s the thing, if there’s a trait about yourself that doesn’t serve you, you have the power to change it. If your current situation is not ideal, you can change it. We always have a choice even when it feels like we don’t. I remember feeling stuck & not seeing a way out, so if you’re there now I feel you. That’s when I began to work on my mindset with full force because I was tired of feeling that way. This is not the end for you, it’s an opportunity to become who you really want to be. That's why I became a journalist.

I work in journalism because it's fun, enjoyable, and quite frank; it's been a passion of mines since I was a child. I take pride in highlighting the good in people, the businesses they create, the children that go above and beyond but most importantly, I have a voice to continue to raise awareness to a disease I battle everyday...Lupus. I write for several national platforms however, I enjoy writing for ChicagoNow the most because it allows my voice to be heard under my own direction and leadership.

What saddens me; BULLIES. I despise bullies. What I despise more than bullies are people who try to tarnish one's character. In this case, Maya Dukmasova; the Russian no-name journalist from the Reader who is also not a resident of the 20th ward (Edgewood resident), took aim at Kevin Bailey a few days ago in what readers described as a political hit-job. The self-proclaimed Mothman (a human-like bird/bug who spread stories that are usually followed by disaster) took weeks of failed attempts to slander Bailey's "golden boy" image by posting a blog of false truths and now she has stooped to a new low. She has involved me in her madness.

The reality is this, Bailey is a great person, amazing leader and a stand-up candidate. People like Dukmasova are problematic to the growth of our community. I just despise bullies - I had to check myself REAL quick because I almost forgot that God always has my back. I can’t think of a situation, out of my control, that didn’t work itself out. If you’re worried about something, know that it’s already taken care of. Faith on 100%. The people of the 20th know me....more importantly, they know Kevin Bailey and his integrity wouldn't allow such madness.

But okay... back to the story.

First thing is this, Dukmasova (as mentioned previously in her article), she attacked Bailey's appearance and character. She went on to attack his mother and now his staff!? This seems personal or paid in my opinion.  Quite naturally, as a front runner, people came to defense and as a result, spoke out on her blog in his defense.

My guess, my article angered Dukmasova and instead of being ethical, her slimy antics resulted in more social media slander. Accusing myself and Bailey's staff of being the poster of the source of comments. To my defense, I commented on her blog (I mean, you guys know I am 1000% team, Bailey but that's beside the point) but I used my name. The main question is why would a person who lives in Edgewater have an interest in the 20th Ward race? I stand firmly behind my claim as well as the suspicions of others that The Reader is nothing more than a tabloid blog and Dukmasova was possibly paid by someone to slander Bailey's name.

A few questions I hope the reader think about...

Why would a person who doesn't live in the ward, have such a vested interest in this race?

If her article was about the 20th Ward in general; why was over 85% of the article about ONE candidate?

I told the journalist her article was filled with false truths - she immediately added corrections. In my opinion, she wanted readers to believe what she was saying was true. For starters, JB Pritzker never donated 10K to Kevin Bailey's political campaign, Kevin doesn't wear dreads and he never tried to mislead election judges.

The use of the word corruption is a poorly used word in the manner in which she used it.

Quite frank, all black professionals should be concerned about the displacement of the low-income families in our community, while she sits in her upper-middle-class neighborhood, driving a wedge. She has no respect for the candidates or the residents, or the 20th Ward. Period!

I guess this race JUST got interesting...  STAY TUNED!

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