Widely known at America's Pharmacist, Peggy Riggins tells us what it takes to be successful


Today the spotlight is on Peggy Riggins. Riggins is a Registered Pharmacist who received her degree from St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Widely known at America's Pharmacist, Riggins is a skilled public speaker for large audiences. Overcoming all odds, Riggins is a true warrior, surviving being in a coma and destined to succeed against all odds.

2018 is been the year of women showcasing their superpowers, what can you say is your superpower and why? 

My Superpower is remaining cool and calm when a storm is in your life arises. Just being a resilient person already makes you a hero.
Let's say you are having a conversation with your teenage self, what are you saying? 
Girl why did you spend so much time worrying about comments from others and girl you should have paid more attention to the direction you wanted for yourself.
Who is your female superhero or SHERO?  
Harriet Tubman enslaved yet escaped! What I love about my Shero she freed herself first and than freed others. I relate because I want to be free at all times with no limitations in all aspects of my life. Bad to the bone “Be free or die” sister on the $20 bill.
All successful business owners have taken risk, what are your thoughts on taking risk? 
If you don’t take risk I believe you will never find your greatness. Fail, make mistakes fast, dust off and get right back into the game.
Tell us about your business? 
 She Heals is the name of the business. It’s a blue print to living a healthy lifestyle on purpose centered around self care, self love, and being stress free.
Define innovative techniques you apply to your craft?
I wrote the book 21 day self care challenge. The more we challenge ourselves the better people we become.
What are the three most important factors of being a successful woman?
Knowing how to embrace flaws. Learn to forgive yourself and be the best you can be with each endeavor.
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