Why would they support me if I am not willing to stand up and fight for them? Says Kevin Bailey


(Pictured) The Honorable Committeeman Kevin Bailey of the 20th Ward

To the residents and businesses of the 20th Ward; City of Chicago. My name is  Kevin Bailey, I am the current Democratic Committeeman for the 20th Ward and I'm also a candidate for Alderman of the 20th Ward, to be elected, February 26th 2019.
As Alderman; I have pledged to to have a transparent, open and clear administration when I am elected. My candidacy and campaign is also open and clear for all to see and to participate in. I believe that our Ward deserves the best. Our Ward deserves clear and honesty, forth rightness  and that's what I pledge to be; I am that and my administration will continue to be that.

Therefore, I want to announce and be clear that my campaign has filed objections to other individuals who are also applying to be to be candidates for Alderman in the upcoming election.  Why did I file these objections? I filed these objections because it's part of the democratic process; that in order for a candidate to actually have their name appear on the ballot they have to legally qualify to be on the ballot and frankly, some of the candidates petitions did not measure up.

To begin, no one file any objections to my candidacy. I am grateful to the 9000 residents of the City of Chicago that signed a petition to enable my name to appear on the ballot for Alderman in the 20th Ward in February 2019. 

The truth of the matter is; I am strategizing with anyone and everyone to make the 20th Ward the best Ward in the City of Chicago. I am planning to make it a strong Ward so that unlike the current situation with less than 0.5% of our residents have city jobs and contracts; I want our fair share and we need an Alderman who is not going to be subjected to corruption but who will fight through it all and have the determination to clearly do that. I am that person. So yes, my campaign has determined that certain individuals did not meet the legal qualifications to have her name appear on the ballot and as such, it was my duty, to step forward in the best interest of the 9000 people who signed my petitions that I truly represent their interest and concerns than otherwise, why would they sign for me? Why would they support me if I am not willing to stand up and fight for them? To advance their cause, their agenda's and their concerns.  

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