Cigars and Chocolate with Committeeman Kevin Bailey and Greenleaf star Lamman Rucker


Like so many experiences based on flavor, the enjoyment of a cigar can often be influenced by the pairings made with it. And while the combinations of cigars with a good wine, cognac or even beer are relatively well understood, there are some more unlikely pairings you may not have considered. Like chocolate, for example. Pairing chocolate and cigars may at first seem like a strange thing to do, one being sweet, the other being more bitter and refined, but you’d be surprised how well it can work. The trick is to subtly balance the flavors, with chocolatiers making more and more adventurous chocolates, it’s an exciting time to be experimenting with what works best on your palette.

Saturday night, 20th Ward Committeeman Kevin Bailey and Greenleaf star; Lamman Rucker set the tone in an exclusive "Black Tie" affair where guest enjoyed delicious food from Purple Ribbon Chef Catering, Custom Cigar Cupcakes by Naddie Bee's, the exclusive bleu "Kevin Bailey" cocktail provided by Bleu Vodka and wine by Burrell Beverage. Both Kevin and Lamman arrived via luxury transportation from Gold Star Transportation of Indiana. 

Over 100 guest enjoyed conversation on Generational Wealth, lead by host and Bravo Television's Nakita Nicci. The event was co-hosted by media guru's Nellisa Heath of "The Look Chicago", Eboni Montsho of 360 HR Solutions, and The Purple Girl Show host; Que Johnson. The event was also sponsored by Michael Drayton of Bronzeville Title

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