What We Are All Yearning For. And Why We Can't Find It.


In the world of love, we have been taught to look for chemistry. And compatibility. And while those things matter, of course, what we are all really seeking and don't know it is this: a soul connection. First with yourself, and then with another person. The problem is, this elusive type of connection can only occur when two people meet who are both aligned with love, gratitude, service and purpose. And if you are not yet one of those people, you will not be able to find this type of soul connection. Which may keep you on the treadmill of dating for a very long time.

Our purpose here is LOVE. True Love. Big Love. For ourselves and everything and everyone else. Our purpose is presence in every moment. Our purpose is to awaken to our gifts, to share these gifts, to inspire peace, to serve. When we begin to turn inward and heal those parts of ourselves that keep us from giving and receiving love unequivocally, that keep us from loving ourselves fully, and when we learn how to lean into gratitude as often as possible, we shift. We expand. We begin to feel deep connection to ourselves and to all living things. We begin to vibrate at a high frequency. We begin to feel our purpose and to understand that our purpose is bigger than ourselves. And we begin to attract others that are AWAKE and are doing this work. Life becomes more clear. We see signs everywhere. And we look beyond superficial things and begin to feel other people's energy, other people's souls.

For some of you, this may sound like wacky, crazy stuff. I get it. But when you begin to be open to the idea that there is more to life, that there is more to you, you may be surprised at what you find. Even now, if you ask for a sign that perhaps learning to love yourself, learning to heal yourself, and that practicing gratitude may change your life, you'll receive those signs. I promise you. Just be looking for them.

We are all seeking a soul connection, but we don't know it. So we settle for chemistry (short lived) or security (unfulfilling). Once we begin to connect deeply to our own soul, to our real authentic and lovable self, we will be able to connect to others on this level as well. Or not, depending on how connected or disconnect that other person is to themselves. "We can only meet people as deeply as we've met ourselves." This is one of my favorite quotes by Matt Kahn.

Prepare yourself for a soul connection. Begin your inner work today. Stop settling for less or searching for something that you can't have yet. Open your heart. Start with gratitude. Watch how things change. You will no longer settle for chemistry. Or shared interests. Or security. You'll hold out for the kind of connection that makes your molecules dance. That moves you in the deepest part of yourself. That sets your soul on fire. Soul connection is the new chemistry. Tell your friends. They need to know. We all do.




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