Fired? Susannah Collins Should Never Have Been Hired- Here's Why.

Fired? Susannah Collins Should Never Have Been Hired- Here's Why.

There was a time that Chicago was a television market budding young journalists aspired to get to.  They had to work in smaller markets, honing their craft, learning the trade, then, only then, if they were lucky, they could come up to the bright lights of the big city and give it a shot.

Cable TV changed all of that.  24 hour news and sports channels demand content and along with that content, it needed talent.  The seasoned journalist gave way to the “fresh young face.”  Which isn’t necessarily bad. Many on air personalities learned their trades here in Chicago, working as interns, assistant producers, writers, traffic reporters, radio DJ’s and eventually on air personalities.

Then there’s Susannah Collins.  She is now known for the infamous report that aired on Comcast on Tuesday night (April 30).  Collins made a very brief slip saying the Blackhawks had a "tremendous amount of sex" during the regular season. She immediately corrected herself, but it went viral, making Collins an internet sensation and eventually leading to her termination.

The on air slip up was minor and hard to believe that it would lead to he termination.  It seems like it was the preverbal “straw” that broke the on air talents' back.

This is what happens when you hire looks over talent.  Collins is very attractive and has a great on air presence, but she is not a sports reporter or a reporter of any kind.  She is a pretty girl who got a break and is now paying the price.

The blame isn’t on Collins, when you get an opportunity in the TV business you jump at it, she did nothing wrong.  The blame is on Comcast for hiring someone with no experience, or hardly any.

Before Collins worked at Comcast, she was the co-host of a web series called Sports Nutz, a scripted sports type show, where she and her host threw out quirky sports barbs and told jokes.  It was foul mouthed, dirty and didn’t require much more than looking good and memorizing lines.

It was an acting job, not a journalism gig.

While Sports Nutz and their segment Douche Bag Nation became very popular, it did not prepare Collins for the bright lights, big crowds, intense deadlines of live Chicago sports television.

The only thing that prepares you for live sports TV, is doing live sports TV, over and over and over again.  Not a few months as a freelancer and a scripted web series.

If you read her BIO.  Collins had a handful of TV gigs, MMA and Boxing matches as well as her current role as a reporter/correspondent for Inside the NFL(scripted) and Inside NASCAR(scripted). Susannah has also appeared on WCBS New York as the weekend sports anchor(scripted), and performed sideline reporting duties for the Madden ’12 Pig Skin Pro-Am which aired on NBC.  However, MMA and covering a "video game," don't really sharpen the skills for live TV in a major broadcast network.

What Comcast did was the sports equivalent of bringing a high school pitcher to pitch in the majors based on the fact that he is the nephew of a former major leaguer.  Not smart.

Will this happen again? Yes, as long as the smaller networks like Comcast want to play in the big pond, but pay small dollars, they will have to hire “C” level talent, who look good, but don’t know what they are doing.

Collins should be sent back to the minors to work on her craft.  Sioux Falls, Odessa, Wichita.  Learn live sports, writing, how to read from a teleprompter and chase a story.  Unfortunately, in the world of TV scandal is what sells, the odds of seeing her in Maxim or a reality show are more likely.

The Slip Up


Sports Nutz.  Collins job before working in Chicago.


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  • I really could not agree more. I get that they wanted to hire a hot young thing, but there are plenty of pretty women out there with more talent. Well said.

  • In reply to Julie DiCaro:

    Julie - at first she was rather 'raw', but appeared to grow into her role. I certainly missed Sarah Kustok, but Susannah became more professional as time went on. There is more "behind the scenes" that we are not getting. I've been into sports all my life, over 60 years. Yes, she needed mentoring, but what is really going on here? And what ever happened to Gail Fischer? Anyway - i said more in my blog.

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    In reply to Dr. Janice Gagerman:

    I agree with the blogger but I also see your side. Sarah Kustok was brutal several years back but progressed greatly in a few years. We still have some former athletes who provide the "color" or comment on games in this town who have been brutal for many years on television and radio. By the way, major network sports are often just as guilty.

  • In reply to Julie DiCaro:

    Lol, no, there aren't any that are anywhere near as pretty as she is! None. And as far as her Talent goes, yes she made a slip up but so what? I don't know of a single reporter that hasn't made a slip-up. I don't know what the big deal is. I can think of a whole list of women that shouldn't be on TV reporting sports!

  • I agree. My wife and I were never fans. It always seemed like amateur hour to us. Agree with what Julie said too. There are more talented women out there who deserve the opportunity.

  • I don't get CSN and hence don't care. However it appears that those on radio look like they should stay on radio and the analysis on a sports network owned by a team (and CSN is owned by the 4 teams) means little. Hence, I don't have a problem with the eye candy.

    Basically, for the same reason, I don't read sports blogs on league sites (such as Scott Merkin on or Sam Smith on nor watch any of the Bears Network shill shows.

    Unless she becomes Sarah Silverman, the perception of a foul mouth may hurt her, but I see her as mainstream TV material here (at least on cable). Just maybe not on sports.

  • David.

    I love you buddy, you make some good points, but overall you're off on this one. You need to read my interview of Susannah. You need to read the biography piece I did on her. Then you'll get up to speed.
    You'll also find that she earned a degree in broadcast communication from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Last time I checked it was a pretty good school. It did produce intelligent people like myself, Ang Lee, Roger Ebert, Hugh Hefner, and the guy who invented the web browser.

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    While not much "talent" is needed to host "Shoot the Puck", its not like you need a journalism degree to write a blog....

    Big crowds? Intense deadlines? Live Chicago sports? She seemed to hold her own. .

  • You might want to proofread your own blog post and correct your own slip-ups before you bash on someone else's. You could at least keep your biased opinions to yourself until you've learned how to properly articulate.
    "Here’s the thing. The on air slip up was minor and hard to believe that it would lead to he termination. It seems like it was the preverbal “straw” that broke the on air talents' back."

  • This website and its writers are more amateur hour than CSN will ever be. Wow.

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    Dude, it was one slip up. Literally missed ONE word... Stop acting like being a sports reporter is an important job. They can hire 'hot' people because they can and there is no talent threshold in the 'sports reporting' field... NOBODY CARES about what these people say because they just spew out cliches and things we already know... This is the most attention Comcast has had in the last ten years... Just a bunch of grump old dudes who run these corrupt cable companies and a hot chick has a freudian slip and everyone loses their shit? How much talent do you need to be able to say "the team is ready to play," or "Rob Gronkowski is injured." It sounds more like you're hating on someone because they're better looking than you are.

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