You Can Help Pick The Next Host Of "Check, Please!"

You Can Help Pick The Next Host Of "Check, Please!"

If you received the television version of a "Dear John” letter recently from the producers of the channel 11 show Check, Please!, you are not alone.

Over 1000 people applied for the new host spot vacated by Alpana Singh and somehow executive producer David Manilow whittled it down to seventeen lucky finalists.

The letter explains- “We watched each video and reached out to 140 of you for a follow-up "Meet & Greet" held over two days.  If we didn't include you in that part of the process, we're sincerely sorry but, unfortunately, we have a narrow window of time.  Our next step is to create a "short list" of 17 possible hosts that we'll put up on our website at on Wednesday, March 20th.”

From here, things get fun.  You can have a say on who gets the “golden ticket” of local television food programming.  “The public will be allowed to vote on the candidates (although the producers of Check, Please! will have final say) and, after some more serious auditions with the final group, we're planning to announce the new host on May 1.”

From name alone, the front runner is Cleetus Friedman. Sassiness- Senam Amegashie and guy who looks most like a chef in his picture- Frank Brunacci,   but you may have different criteria.

Here’s your chance to make a local foodie a PBS, food show star.  Cast your votes by clicking here.

The new host will be announced May 1!

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  • So if the producers have final say, doesn't that make the voting a publicity stunt per se?

  • That person would be me .

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