Psy Is Ready to Go "Nuts" in Super Bowl Ad.

Psy Is Ready to Go "Nuts" in Super Bowl Ad.

If you were thinking “hmmm, I haven’t seen enough of PSY and Gangnam Style.”  Then get ready to get even more of the South Korean sensation whose YouTube video has reached the 1.1 billion views (8.3 million coming from my 4 year old).

Tuesday Psy wrapped shooting his first Super Bowl ad for Wonderful Pistachios.

Not a type-o, Wonderful Pistachios, not Budweiser, Go Daddy or Panda Express.  The Pistachio company is banking that the 3.8 million dollar price tag will pay off with the spot going viral and the brand being able to ride on the coat tails of Psy’s popularity.

Jai-Sang Park, Psy’s real name, joked from the North Hollywood set "The Super Bowl is way too big for me.I never dreamed of being a singer in America, so I of course never dreamed of being in a Super Bowl ad."

Is the world ready for more Psy parodies, especially from Psy himself?  According to experts Psy’s 15 minutes may be up, but the brand is willing to take that gamble.

"Pistachios will get a lot of attention for signing Psy, and when you're in the pistachio business, that's a good thing," Robert Thompson, a pop culture expert said. “Psy already is becoming an old joke."

"He's penetrated the cultural consciousness of the United States," says Marc Seguin, vice president of marketing for Wonderful Pistachios. "We knew the Super Bowl would require something really special to stand out."

Wonderful has used celebrities like Manny Pacquiau and Snoop to hype their nuts in the past.  But this is a much bigger venture. They are also making it fun with a Facebook contest, if you send in your best Gangnam Style pictures, you could win a Pistachio colored Mercedes convertible for a year!  Click here to enter.

Remember it costs 3.8 million dollars just to buy the :30 second air time to run the commercial.  Beyond those costs, there are talent fees, cost of the crew, directors, make up artists, locations, editors, music rights and plenty more.

When all is said and done Wonderful Pistachios could spend upwards of 5 million dollars for one commercial.  Considering the average 16 ounce bag of the pistachio brand costs $10.00, they would have to sell 500,000 bags just to cover their “nut.”

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