Mike Tyson: The Most Honest Man in America?

Mike Tyson: The Most Honest Man in America?

If you didn’t know who “he” was, and all about his many escapades, listening to Mike Tyson talk about his one man show, sounds like any other dedicated entertainer, excited about a new endeavor.

I want to entertain people.  I have been working the kinks out,” says Tyson over the phone.  “ I am 100% comfortable now.  I have learned a lot about expressing myself, I learned I am an interesting guy, who has been through a lot and has a lot to share.”

The “thing is,” he is Mike Tyson and unless you are from a far away place, we all know about the ear biting thing, the women, the drugs, the face tattoo, the financial problems and of course the tragic loss of his daughter.

Here’s what’s amazing about Tyson and what makes the idea of a one mam show so appealing, he talks about all of it, openly, honestly. He talks about his life to the point where you want to say Champ, knock it off!  You are a professional athlete, you are supposed to be full of stale quotes!”

Tyson is an open book.  He has lived large, failed large and isn’t afraid to talk about it,  it’s actually oddly refreshing.

Mike Tyson may be one of the most honest people in America.

At first it’s hard to wrap your mind around it.  Sort of like finding out that all of the blood Dracula has been sucking up, is donated to help needy kids. But stick with me.

As Tyson answered question after question, he didn’t hesitate to answer each and every one, no matter how personal.

Believe it or not, Tyson’s life lessons are universal and something we could, dare I say learn from!

Goal setting, over coming adversity, remaining positive and believing in yourself, being able to ask for forgiveness.  Is Mike Tyson a modern age guru and we are just now uncovering it! That may be  a little much, but there is a lot to learn from Tyson.

He came from nothing, set a goal and accomplished it.  He faced adversity, lost everything, but didn’t give up, Tyson, set new goals and has come back again and again.  Asked for help and forgiveness, reinventing himself now as an entertainer that has several missions.  Staying in the spot light is only a small part.

"I want to champion good causes.  Mike Tyson Cares Foundation is my new fight," says Tyson. The Mike Tyson Cares Foundation gives kids a fighting chance by providing innovative centers that provide for the comprehensive needs of kids from broken homes and proceeds from the one man show go to benefit the foundation.

Though many of the hurdles Tyson has had to face in his life are self-inflicted, he has never stopped believing in himself and working towards reaching his goals.

"I didn’t think I would make it to the age of 25.  Prison was a blessing in disguise.  I didn’t know how out of control I was until I was until I was in prison.  It was a blessing." Tyson continues, “People will want to come to the show, because it’s roller coaster of emotions, loss, victory and triumph."

Tyson openly admits, talking about the death of his daughter is never easy and sometimes the crowd doesn’t exactly understand that his pain is real and the stories are difficult to share.  “The stuff that hurts the most the crowd laughs at.  I’m thinking wow, they’re laughing at my pain, its weird.”

Tyson recently said in he was an overweight pig, high on cocaine while filming the Hangover 2, but is now clean and uses a new kind of rush to get him amped up for performing. “ I’m ready the stage gets me high,  the fans get me high and now I’m back.”  Tyson adds, acting and boxing are similar experiences for him.  “  The doubt and fear not succeeding are similar, the only thing is different I don’t have to go to the hospital."

Mike Tyson is funny!

Separate the jokes about the ear, Brad Pitt and all of the easy one liners and there is actually something to be learned from Mike Tyson and his one man show, Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth,  coming to Chicago in February 15-17th.

Relax!  It’s still Mike Tyson, not the Opera and you never know what could happen.  “ Would I jump into the audience and body surf, during the show?  Maybe, if I feel like it, I am a day to day type of guy.”

He has been heckled, had a death threat, laughed at and booed, yet, Tyson still gets up, takes him punches and continues to perform.

Mike Tyson is tenacious.

While there may never be a kids book about Mike Tyson and I’m not ready to let him baby sit my kids, I do have a new found admiration for the former champion and his new efforts.  Critics say, he may never win an Academy Award, but you never know, it is Mike Tyson and he usually gets what he sets his mind on.

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Click here for more information on Mike Tyson Cares.

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