Chicago Fire Is “Red Hot”

Chicago Fire Is “Red Hot”

Since NBC announced the show Chicago Fire, I have tried not to think about “it.” The curse of the Chicago about show.

Would this become another Chicago Code?  It’s a show about fire fighters in Chicago, working on the South side.  We all know what that means, they are going to be Irish, with heavy accents, drink a lot, have problems with their wives and loyal to their neighborhood, which usually involves some sort of bad guy.

Because, according to Hollywood, that’s all Chicago is about.  Maybe they would throw in a game of 16 inch softball, just to “look truly authentic.”

I committed myself to Chicago Code and had my heart broken, I wasn’t ready for another short term relationship, where I was fooling myself into believing that it was good, just because it was the only option.

I gave Chicago Fire, the 3 minute dating test.  If after 3 minutes, it had a hokey accent, guy in a bar or angry spouse, I was out.

An hour after the opening scene, I was still watching, wanting more.

Executive producer Michael Brandt took a page from ER and made Chicago Fire a show about fire fighters who happen to live in Chicago.  The writers and producers of Chicago Fire have replaced tired old stereotypes with great writing and story telling, which, a concept long missing in shows based in Chicago.

There is drama, action, very cool looking fire sequences and when they cast isn’t fighting fire, they are playing out story threads they have the potential to withstand the test of more than one season.  Even the guy who plays the mayor is pretty authentic (you have to see it to believe it).

When NBC lost ER, it went on a quest to fill the hole,  though they never should have dumped Southland (best cop show on TV), after years of failure, it seems that coming full circle and landing right back here in Sweet Home Chicago, is the spot for success.

The ratings for Chicago Fire were luke warm, a 1.9, but it’s early and as we know, the more you let a fire burn the hotter it gets.

It’s still early and one date does not make for a solid relationship, but I am willing to give Chicago Fire a second and even third crack at making me commit.

Wednesday nights at 9:00, Chicago Fire. on NBC.

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