Chicago Get Ready For XARM!

Chicago Get Ready For XARM!









Earlier this week the Chicagonow softball team, went to battle against it’s nemesis WBEZ in a grudge match that harkens back to last year, where a blogger Vs. radio guy brawl broke out!

Bloggers Vs. Radio Geeks might not seem like prime competition(how did we all get our parents to let us out at the same time?), but the game went into extra innings and WBEZ pulled a come from behind win, once again sending Chicagonow packing. Rumor has it they celebrated with organic beer and hummus?

In the aftermath, a lot of talk about “what’s next” and what other sports could we try: bowling, floor hockey, volleyball were all tossed around.  What WBEZ needs and I think Chicagonow could win is a little case of XARM.

Haven’t heard of XARM, you will soon.  Former MMA promoter and creator Art Davie has created yet another all-new combat sports business in XARM®,  judging by the online popularity is moving to be a huge success.

XARM is full contact arm wrestling.  They call it the  “roughest 3 minutes in sports," it’s catching on around the country.

XARM combines all forms such as kickboxing and jiu-jitsu but, in this arena, the fighters are strapped face-to-face opposite a table, tethered together arm-to-arm and locked in hand-to-hand combat. There is literally “no place to run” and “no place to hide,” says Davie. The bouts consist of three 1 minute rounds of hard core arm wrestling and martial arts combat.

As long as you’re “arm wrestling” you can kick, punch, gouge, spit and head butt your opponent into submission.  It’s action packed, athletic, entertaining and absolutely ridiculous!

Unlike a lot of the other fighting based sports, there isn’t a lot of time for showing off your tats, spray tan and abs, once the bell rings it’s a full speed, do or die battle to the end.

This is where I think we can XARM the heck out of WBEZ, Wall Street Journal and The Red Eye.  They have limited resources we have an unlimited supply of athletes, yoga masters, girl boxers, cops, trainers, MMA fighters and various other tough guys and gals.  They have traffic reporters, a sales department and a team of Jazz fans who pick out that “awesome music.”

It’s not just a boys sport, the girls get their chance to rough it up in XARM, with the combination of athleticism and flexibility their bouts are even more vicious and exciting.  I think our MMA Blogger ( a woman) would have a good time picking apart their weather person, with a round house to the head!

For some reason XARM isn’t on a network, yet.  The bouts are on the web and streamed live.  They are well produced, entertaining and worth checking out.

To see past bouts and check out what's coming up next, click here.


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  • Dude, the way I am getting in shape I could take one of their girls down with a swift kick to the knee! Legs are hella solid now, just need to work on the upper body strength then s$%Ts about to get real :-) LET'S DO THIS! LOL

  • In reply to Brandi Wall:

    No doubt you would be a rock star! I'm already terrified of you:)
    Keep up the great work!!!

  • fb_avatar

    I'm fighting in the August 26th XARM! It's intense, you have maintain composure because losing your temper or losing focus could get you knocked out. This is definitely a sport to keep an eye on especially with Art Davie being one of the founders!!!

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