Mark Suppelsa Returns From Re-Hab and Back On The Air

Mark Suppelsa Returns From Re-Hab and Back On The Air

Thursday night Mark Suppelsa return to anchoring the WGN news after a month in rehab for his addiction to alcohol (read more here).

In a simple statement on his Facebook Fan Page, Suppelsa wrote, "Back to work tomorrow: To EVERYONE on Facebook and Twitter, friends and strangers, I cannot possibly thank you individually for the encouraging, thoughtful and wise words. My gratitude to you is immense. See you Thursday."

As of Friday 2,859 people "liked" the fact that Suppelsa is returning and doing it with style and class.  Unlike other celebrities, Suppelsa was open about his addiction and his efforts to change his life.

In an interview with Time Out Chicago’s Robert Feder, Suppelsa said, "Somebody who people expect to be there fairly regularly doesn’t go away for 35 days without their having a right to know what happened,” Suppelsa told Feder. “And on a selfish basis, it’s one of those things where I’d rather everybody have an idea of what I’m really doing than trying to guess and guess wrong.”

Knowing that things are far from "done," Suppelsa will attend weekly group counseling every Wednesday, which will make him absent from the 5:00 Wednesday newscast.  Other than that you can catch Suppelsa every day at 5:00 and 9:00PM.


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  • He looked like a new man on the air yesterday and you could feel the energy from him. The lovely Lourdes Duarte was overjoyed with him and there was a buzz on their 5 P.M. newsroom floor. The best evening news in town and he's a big reason why.

  • I wish Mark well, but it's not the best evening news in town. Bill and Walter on 2 set the standard for excellence in my book.

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