Conan O'Brien is Coming Back to Chicago

Conan O'Brien is Coming Back to Chicago

He's Baaack!  Actually They're Baaaack!!

Conan O'Brien and his whole gang is coming back to Chicago to kick off 2012 Just For Laughs Chicago Comedy Festival, sponsored by TBS.

From June 11th to the 14th, Conan, his band and plenty of guests will be taping his late night show everyday at the Chicago Theatre.

You still have time to get tickets to the show, click here to get the details and get into a live show that you don't want to miss.  It doesn't matter where you stand in the late night wars, this is a "must do" on the Chicago bucket list.

Watching the show live is a completely different experience that what you see on TV.  Conan warms up his own audience, the band blasts out great music and the energy is electric from beginning to end.

Click here to get your tickets, while they last.


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  • Since in order to get tickets you would need to stand in a line starting at 10AM, this really is a "must do" only for people with no jobs or bloggers.

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    Ahh -- I'm only like 2 years to late, LOL! I love conan o'brien! wish id known about this when it was happening :(

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