Courtney Will Win The Bachelor- Here's Why.

Courtney Will Win The Bachelor- Here's Why.

It's a little like predicting who is going to win the Super Bowl, but here's what we think.

If you missed Monday nights The Bachelor The Women Tell All, then you missed a Bachelor first as finalist Courtney Robertson took to the stage to face host Chris Harrison and a panel of angry housemates.

Much different than her Bachelor persona, Robertson was quiet, apologetic and soft spoken as she took on the barrage of personal attacks from the well tweezed firing squad of broken hearted babes.

Robertson has become the "villain" of this seasons Bachelor as she tried to win over the heart of Bachelor Ben Flajnik.  Her hall of fame Bachelor moments were when she ambushed Flajnik outside his hotel room in Puerto Rico and took him skinny dipping.

When she wasn't showing off her well waxed womanhood on national TV, she was attacking the other women in the house, calling Blakeley a stripper and doing her best to offend everyone in her path.

"I wish they could have got to know me better and I just want to say sorry," she told the assembled group. "I'm sorry for the things I've said and if I hurt my feelings. I'm not a mean spirited person. lt brought out the worst in me and I can’t apologise enough. I really can’t."

As women all over the country cried along with Courtney while she tried to do damage control, the big message may have been missed.  Why was Courtney doing damage control?  Why was this a Bachelor first?  There have been plenty of awful people on the show. Why was ABC giving Courtney her moment to turn on the tears and win back America's hearts?

Because Ben picks Courtney as the winner of the love game, to join him in a life of tabloid scandals, red carpet appearances, future Bachelor check ins a controversial breakup and then appearance on the Bachelor Pad 4/5.

Not a lot of viewers are Courtney fans, she has done her best to make sure of that.  From a producer/network stand point if Courtney is the winner of the show, the backlash from something like this could potentially be huge from disappointed viewers.
Once again the Bachelor let's his little head get in the way of common sense and he picks the girl with the best bod. and not the biggest heart, "when will someone ever find true love on national TV?"

If this is the case, then damage control had to go into full effect. Try and sell America on the idea that Courtney is a sweet girl, with a family who loves her and a heart full of love for Ben.

It was well orchestrated.

Step #1- The loose fitting dress, flowing all the way to the floor.  To date on the show Courtney's outfits have been small, tight and revealing (when she was wearing clothes), Monday night, her maxi dress  was understated, covered everything and compared to what the other girl were wearing, looked like a full on moo-moo.

Network message: You see America, she is the girl next door, she shops at Target just like you, Courtney is relatable.

Step #2- Keep calm.  Media training on a time bomb always sticks out.  Courtney has been the powder keg on the show, letting people know exactly what she thinks.  Monday night, she sat in the hot seat and took blast after blast , without once lashing out, waving a finger, popping her hip or calling anyone a stripper.

Network Message: You see how calm and thoughtful Courtney is , she really cares.   Courtney stuck to the "script" and got her/the networks message across.  "It’s been really hard, to say the least," she said. "Not in a million years did I expect for it to turn out like this.  'This is the hardest thing I've had to go through. Nobody gives you a manual on how to be on The Bachelor. I'm going through real emotions. I don't like being torn apart in the tabloids. It was awful. I didn't think it through. If I could have done, I would have handled it differently"

When it was all over the big slip up was her walk out.  There was a limo waiting with the engine running and a camera crew in place waiting for Courtney to jump in and speed off with only the sounds of her crying fading off into the Los Angeles night.  They pulled it off in one take! 

That is "reality" TV at it's finest, or good old staging:

THE SCRIPT: Courtney leaves the stage visibly upset, camera #1 follows her off into the darkness of back stage.  CUT TO- Cast members looking sad, confused.  CUT TO- Reaction shot from Chris. CUT TO- A lonely limo waiting in the darkness.  Courtney appears sobbing, she jumps in, the limo pulls off with Courtney still crying as she heads off into the lonely dark night, her publicist, producers, sound guy, lighting guy all along with her to capture the moment. FADE TO BLACK.

It was a good try by ABC and the producers to damage control, it's what a good producer does, but they also may have tipped their hand and let America see the winner of this season.

Now if Courtney isn't the winner, then it's a great game of misdirection by the producers and they all deserve a slap on the back and mojito for taking a very tired show, with the same story line and giving it some spice.

The answer will be revealed next week as another season of the Bachelor winds down and Ben picks the new love of his life.


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  • Just check in with and you can see that since the first week of the show he seemed to know that Courtney is the winner. And yes, they are already having problems. SHOCK!! I have followed his page as he said who was leaving every week and he was right on.

    The show is tired and old, the girls last night only reinforced why all my life I have been friends with more men. One big Meow fest.

  • US Magazine already gave it away in this week's issue...I won't "spoil" it for you here, but just go to any grocery store or news stand and you'll see it shining back at you on the cover. Pathetic that they'd let it slip two weeks before the finale. This makes me pine for the days of Temptation Island :)

  • In reply to Marley:

    Marley, It looks like Ben has been a bad boy:) Looking forward to seeing him on Bachelor Pad 5:)

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