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Meghan's Mother

While much of the world waited with bated breath last Saturday to see the wedding ceremony unfold between Prince Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle, my attention was focused on Doria Raglund, Meghan’s mother. From my first view of her months ago, complete with dreadlocks, my initial reaction was that I could hardly wait to see... Read more »

White Like Her

It is hard to imagine how mystery writer Gail Lukasik must have felt when she discovered at age forty-nine a secret her mother likely hoped would never be uncovered–that she was passing for white. In her recent book, White Like Her, Gail writes that her mother left New Orleans as a mixed-race young woman to... Read more »

Interracial Relationships Between Black Women and White Men

Greetings Readers, I would like to announce that my new book on interracial relationships between black women and white men will be published in June. More details to follow in a later post. In the meantime, I would like to share my new book cover!

My Family Integrated Marquette Park

The Chicago Lawn community on the city’s southwest side was racially segregated when I was growing up. Comprised of white ethnics – the community was home to Lithuanians, Germans, Polish and Irish residents. The Marquette Park neighborhood lies within this community and is home to one of the largest and most beautiful of the city’s... Read more »

So American, It Hurts

Recently I read Real American, the new memoir written by Julie Lythcott-Haims about her life growing up as the child of an African American father and a white mother. Her book demonstrates that even in the midst of a socioeconomically privileged childhood that she still was not sheltered from the scourge of racism. Her book... Read more »

Marriage is a Critical Condition

Recently a favorite nephew of mine confided that his marriage was in critical condition. Married for nearly 15 years to a woman with whom he had enjoyed a brief whirlwind courtship, he has since had plenty of time to reflect on their relationship. He is quick to acknowledge that he is the primary cause of... Read more »

Happy 2nd Birthday to My Husband

September 6th marks the second birthdate for my husband, Hecky. It is the day six years ago that he was the recipient of a living donor liver transplant. Receiving a new liver gave him a second chance at life – an opportunity denied to many people who are on organ transplant lists. In celebration of... Read more »

The Gift of Donald Trump's Presidency

A few months ago, my church challenged its members to think about the ‘gift’ of Donald Trump’s presidency. Many members were upset and angry that Donald Trump might try to undue all of the racial progress which has been so painstakingly achieved by the efforts of good people from all of America’s racial/ethnic groups. I... Read more »

Childhood Scars That Heal in Adulthood

Recently, my husband and I had dinner with friends living in downtown Chicago. Phil and LaJule are newly retired and enjoying a fairly carefree lifestyle after having spent years working in very successful careers. Recognizing that they had traveled extensively, I asked them about some of the places they had visited. They were worldwide travelers,... Read more »

You May Not Be As White As You Think You Are

Over the past few years, testing to determine one’s ethnic ancestry has become very popular. The websites,, and 23 and Me, have made testing one’s DNA fairly affordable and two television shows, Finding Your Roots and Who Do You Think You Are have helped fuel interest in the subject. I took one of the... Read more »