Responses to My New Book: Interracial Relationships Between Black Women and White Men

It has been nearly four months since my book, Interracial Relationships Between Black Women and White Men was published.  I have received many responses from readers and am sharing a few from black women.

I am pleased that overwhelmingly, my book has been met with very favorable responses. More importantly, I have heard from young women who have told me how my book changed their thinking.  One young woman in her early 30s wrote that she had spent her 20s searching for a black husband, but had been unsuccessful in making any lasting romantic connections. She said that after reading my book, she decided to change her profile on her online dating site. Rather than continue to list her dating preference as being a black man, she listed herself as being open to other racial/ethnic groups. Two weeks later, she received invitations from two white men and one Hispanic man. By the time she wrote me, she had been dating one of the white men for a few weeks. She promised to keep me posted on how this relationship develops.

A second young woman simply wrote – ‘read your book, now dating a Hispanic man.’

I have also heard from some older black women who lamented that they didn’t think outside of the box when it came to seeking partners while they were younger. Among the comments I have received in this category were the following:  “I only wish you had written this book thirty years ago; most likely it is too late for me now. I never found my black husband and as a result never had children." “Your book is a blessing for black women. It should be required reading for any black woman who hopes to get married.”  “Thank you for taking the time to try and open the minds of black women.” “Your book is a work of love…and ahead of its time.” (I hope it’s not…I want women to think about the issues I have raised in the present).  As an eternal optimist, I don't think it is ever too late for love either.

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