Just Another Comeuppance Week in America

Between today’s sentencing of Bill Cosby to prison for sexual crimes committed decades ago, and Brett Kavanaugh in the spotlight for alleged sexual transgressions he committed equally as long ago, I can hardly keep straight the number of victims and accusers. What I can keep straight though is that today’s headlines add yet another sordid chapter to the ongoing unraveling sexual crimes take-down saga of formerly powerful men in America. Looming in the background, laying the foundation for the continuing exposure of these crimes is none less than the current President of the United States who thus far has escaped prosecution.

What disturbs me about the endless number of men accused of these sexual crimes is that none of them has ever simply apologized for their actions. Once accused, all of them become totally obdurate and self-righteous, oftentimes dragging their wives to their press conferences to shore up their denials. This happens so frequently that I have ceased paying attention to anything most of the accused have to say because I have become inured to the lies and obfuscations.  Just once, I wish that any of the accused took a different, bold, tactic and apologized for their behavior.  How unfortunately rare is this?

If Kavanaugh, when confronted by the first accuser, had responded, ‘Christine, you know, I do remember that night and time I acted inappropriately with you, and I am sorry I never apologized or asked you to forgive me because I did not mean to disrespect you, but in my alcohol-fueled, and youthful state of mind, I abandoned behaving in the way I should have.’ Kavanaugh could have added that he recognizes now that if he is to be in the position to pass judgment on others he needs to clear his conscience. If he had said anything along these lines, I would have respected him. Who among us has not done something which we regret and for which we may need to atone? It’s called being human.

But no, Kavanaugh is following the long-standing Trump playbook when accused of sexual impropriety….deny, deny, deny. Try to smear the accuser.  This formula is so well worn that I am worn out listening to the latest iteration from the latest perpetrator. I don’t trust people who present themselves as models of perfection and can never admit a mistake. Perfection among humans doesn’t exist, and attempting to appear as if one is endowed with angelic qualities is tiresome.

I suspect the American public is going to be treated to yet another weekly comeuppance saga. However, unlike the stakes for Bill Cosby, whose actions don’t impact most of us, Kavanaugh’s actions, if he is confirmed as the next Supreme Court justice, do.  It is time for Americans to reject being spoon fed the almost daily dose of lies spewing forth from Washington, D.C. surrounding this Supreme Court nominee and demand an end to the amount of time our Senators spend parsing questions to trap or release a sexual predator from acknowledging wrongdoing.

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