Sen. John McCain Is Conservative But Not Racist

Say what you will about the political views of U.S. Senator John McCain, (Arizona), and the 2008 Republican candidate for U.S. President who ran against Barack Obama, but he is not racist. The evidence for this can be demonstrated through a few of his actions.

First, in 1991, his wife, Cindy and he adopted a daughter from a Bangladesh orphanage when they were on a mission in that country. Born with a cleft lip, the McCains’ decided to adopt Bridget so they could bring her back to the U.S. to receive needed medical attention.

Second, in June 2013, their son, Jack McCain, a lieutenant in the Air Force, married Renee Swift, an Air Force reserve captain. What is notable about this marriage is that Ms. Swift is African American and little public fanfare was made over this fact. The wedding was a lavish affair and the public learned that the new Mrs. McCain was African American on the day of the event. Photos taken from the wedding show a beaming McCain family.

I applaud Senator McCain for treating his son’s marriage as a private family affair and not attempting to politically exploit in any way the racial background of his new daughter-in-law. It demonstrates a certain level of class which is sadly lacking in the current U.S. political climate.

And who can forget how Senator McCain admonished one of his supporters who attempted to play the race and religion card while he was campaigning for president. Again, Senator McCain quickly chastised the supporter despite the fact that his candidacy among a certain demographic of the U.S. population might have been advanced.

Jack McCain appears to be following the example set by his father. A May 2016 Old Navy store ad featuring an interracial couple (black female/white male) and their child elicited a negative backlash from some people on social media. Jack McCain entered the fray by tweeting: “To the people upset about the #OldNavy “Scandal” of a picture of a mixed race marriage, eat it.”

Additionally, the younger McCains went to an Old Navy store to make a purchase to further demonstrate their support of the retail giant. Photos of the smiling Jack and Renee McCain leave little doubt about the love they have for each other. How refreshing to see a true example of marital bliss between an interracially married couple, and knowing that they have a supportive family behind them.

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