Hi. I’m back. I had a little hiatus from this blog because 1) life happens and because I AM AN EMPLOYED ADULT and 2) I’m one of those over-analyzers that the more I write about dating and relationship shit, the more I start to analyze my own relationship. And this time, my relationship doesn’t need... Read more »

Modern Day Chivalry

Chivalry is not in fact dead. What is very much alive is our own perception that we’re being treated right, when realistically we’re being treated so far from it. First off, it’s important to know that the very definition of chivalry seems to have changed from past generations. When my parents used to say something... Read more »

It's Wedding Season

It's Wedding Season
I can confidently say I’m not the only person whose Facebook Timeline welcomes new engagements or wedding photos at least once a week. It seems that every time I open my Facebook, I am welcomed with pictures of my friend’s engagement rings from literally every angle imaginable (I got a pretty accurate idea of how... Read more »
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Three Dates, One Week

When we sign up for Tinder or Bumble (or one of the other 20 dating apps that exist), we automatically know that we’re signing up for potentially multiple “relationships” that occur simultaneously. This also means we’re aware that the person on the other end of the Bumble conversation may also be seeing multiple other people.... Read more »

Weekend versus Weeknight Dates

I never thought I would be contemplating the significance between weekend versus weeknight dates; and here I am giving it possibly too much thought. That being said, it’s a topic that I think is becoming more and more talked about in general considering the frequency and quantity of dates that we (or all of our friends)... Read more »

Love and Lust

I counsel clients who say the most ridiculous things fathomable, while also saying some of the most insightful things I’ve heard. Last week in group therapy session, much to my surprise, the clients did not in fact want to do the activity we had planned that would require them to talk about coping skills (…super... Read more »

The Cycle of Getting Back with your Ex

We’ve all done it. The breakup followed by what hardly feels like a breakup at all: we still fall back on the ex that actually wasn’t so good for us in the first place. Or maybe they were, but it wasn’t meant to work out long term. It becomes a cycle that we are all... Read more »

Guest Writer: My Year and a Half Long Booty Call

This week, I interviewed an individual who wishes to remain anonymous. She shares her experiences with us, her hilarious sense of humor, and what she gained from a year and a half long booty call relationship. 1. How long were you two together? where did you meet? For the purpose of keeping my long term... Read more »

Why I Hate the Notion of the Honeymoon Phase

In my own words, that I assume can be at least somewhat generalized… the honeymoon phase is a period of time in a new relationship that typically lasts anywhere from one to six months. It is a phase characterized by intense feelings of continuous excitement, the giddy little girl/little boy syndrome, and a period of... Read more »

A Step by Step Guide to the First Date

I’m going to save you the over analytical component of choosing a first date (because it really shouldn’t be so hard after all) and break down everything that goes into the first date for a girl you only have 1-5 perfectly chosen photos of on Bumble. Texting before the date. Keep it to a minimum.... Read more »